The Seering

After a weekend where four separate murders have been reported here in the city I call home, including one where the victim was robbed after being left for dead by his assailant, I’m reminded of an issue I’ve struggled with for many years. Being a person with a known proclivity for dwelling on the imponderable, I’ve been thinking about two things written in the bible since I first learned of them as a child:

1. After the flood during Noah’s time, God promised that the earth and everything living on it would never again be destroyed by a flood. Of course there are many who would argue that His wrath could still rain down upon us in other forms, but since we are taught that he sent Jesus to save us from ourselves, we must assume that the “never again be destroyed” part was very important to Him.

2. While dying on the cross, Jesus prays for God to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” His prayer implies both that he feared the manner of his death would cause God to violate his promise to Noah, and that, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we are too stupid to recognize our own guilt.

Now if you’ve read much of this blog, you’re probably aware that I have many, many problems with religion as a whole, including the Baptist variation of Christianity that I was raised to believe in. And also, being the perversely creative yet vindictive S.O.B. that I am, you probably wouldn’t be surprised that I’ve spent a wee bit of time pondering just how I would go about testing Jesus’ faith in our ignorance – and then provide us with our well deserved punishment when we fail – without the need for God to violate his promise.

What I came up with is roughly described in this little work of fiction I call:

~ The Seering ~

I can’t help about the shape I’m in
I can’t sing, I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin
But don’t ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to

Oh well

Now, when I talked to God I knew he’d understand
He said, “Stick by me and I’ll be your guiding hand
But don’t ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to”

Oh well

~ Fleetwood Mac ~

January 4, 2010: This just in: There are unconfirmed reports of a mysterious “virus” spreading through some areas of the American mid-west. The reports indicate that this virus causes those infected to suddenly be able to “hear” the thoughts of those around them. While those we’ve contacted in the medical and scientific communities are skeptical about the existence of such a virus, we are nevertheless getting reports from these same areas of unexpected, violent attacks aimed at individuals the attacker claims to have “overheard” having thoughts the attacker found to be offensive. We will keep you updated on what we’re sure will turn out to be yet another of those “End Of The World” hoaxes.

January 6, 2010: The U.S. government has issued a statement today pleading for calm in the wake of the spreading violence associated with the belief that there is a “virus” on the loose causing people to suddenly be able to hear the thoughts of those around them. Although experts seem to think that this is merely some form of mass hysteria similar to that surrounding the “Y2K” event of over a decade ago, a scientific task force is nevertheless being set up to investigate. It’s uncertain as to how fast this task force can get to the bottom of what’s happening however, as it appears that everyone associated with the outbreak, including those sent to investigate by local news outlets, are now refusing to be approached. Stay tuned for further updates.

January 10, 2010: While scientific experts are still scrambling for an explanation for what has come to be known as “The Seering,” the existence of this new phenomena can no longer be denied. As evidence for the spread of this new “disease” comes in from more and more locations around the world, the mounting death toll is approaching a level that rivals the worst natural disasters in human history. While I don’t want to add to the fear and panic already gripping the world, the fact that gathering further information from the places where the disease has already struck seems next to impossible doesn’t exactly inspire hope that a solution will be coming any time soon. We will continue to bring you updates for as long as we can hold out… (static)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell

Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run

You better make your face up in your favourite disguise
With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes
With your empty smile and your hungry heart
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past
With your nerves in tatters when the cockleshell shatters
And the hammers batter down the door
You better run

Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run

You better run all day and run all night
And keep your dirty feelings deep inside
And if you’re takin’ your girlfriend out tonight
You better park the car well out of sight
‘Cos if they catch you in the back seat tryin’ to pick her locks
They’re gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box
You better run

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

January 1, 2020: Well, it’s been 10 years since mankind was struck with The Seering pandemic, and although it ran it’s course in less than 6 months time, it cost the lives of nearly 90% of the worlds population and has taken all of the time since it ended for us to reach anything like a genuine recovery. While no one truly knows if the pandemic was man-made, a freak of nature, or divine retribution, mankind has nevertheless been dramatically moved by the experience. For now at least, the global society we live in will not tolerate the lies and deceit that had left us so vulnerable to destruction at our own hands. And this reporter, for one, prays that we remain steadfast in that resolve.

Note: In case any thinks this idea was inspired by the new Flash Forward series on TV, you’ll find that I wrote about my idea back in Me No Know KeyMoSobbi – Part 2 – Item 3. But I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “The Seering

  1. Are you still not submitting your articles?
    You’re lucky competition in Sci-fi is small. Don’t waste this.
    Btw, I caught a typo -last sentence:

    ‘January 1, 2020: Well, it’s been 10 years since mankind was struck with The Seering pandemic, and although it ran it’s course in less than 6 months time, it cost the lives of nearly 90% of the worlds population and has taken all of the time since it ended for us to reach anything like a genuine recovery. While no one truly knows if the pandemic (sic)was?) man-made,…’



    • Thanks for the good eye! I fixed the mistake (including looking up what “sic” stands for :oops:). I also added a bit to the beginning of the story section (ala Stephen King).

      If you only knew how worried I was that this would not be well received! Writing about my thoughts or about my life is so easy compared to writing fiction! Most of my posts are written in one sitting, even the longer ones. This post, that seems so short when looking at it in my browser, took me over a week to get to the point where I dared publish it.

      As for submitting it, I’d welcome your putting it up on The Writer’s Group. Beyond that, I’ll look into whatever you suggest, but I don’t know if I’d have the courage to actually follow through. It does bother me that I could be missing out on an opportunity however. *sigh* 😳


  2. How blessed you are Mak. I envy you.
    Most writers myself included, find writing non-fiction hellish (no pun).
    The topic of your fiction part is ‘clairaudience’.
    And you know what? Some people truly have that gift.
    Another proof that all fiction are based on fact.
    It’s reposted now 🙂


    • Wow! Once again you’ve provided me with valuable info. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of ‘clairaudience’ and I read a lot about this stuff growing up. It was one of the reasons I started cutting school in the library in the first place. And the thing about fiction vs non-fiction is mind blowing. I would have never guessed that! Thanks again.


  3. I like the premise.
    It forms a fun structure to write in.
    You could do a lot within the structure of a premise like this.

    For example, you could have people who isolate themselves with others who believe
    only as they do – and they can make sure you believe as they do. If you don’t, then you are cast out.

    You could have a million humorous incidents involving this as husbands and wives communicate. As co-workers communicate. As people order from restaurants or buy gas or sit on the bus. It doesn’t necessarily have to be violent all the time.

    Like a real plague, lots of people may chose to work at home. Commerce and business that can be conducted remotely would still function. You could still talk to people on the phone without hearing their thoughts.

    Classes might come into vogue offered by Yogis on how to quiet the mind, or scramble your thoughts, so that they’re unrelated to what you are talking about. It would be a form of “mental encryption.”

    Lots of potential to play with here.


    • There’s no simple answer I can give you to that one Bats. I’ve wanted to be a published writer my whole life, and had lots of ideas at the time of how I could expand upon this to “flesh it out” as they say. In the end I guess I just decided that it wasn’t worth the effort, since the many long essays I’ve written for this blog have received almost no attention – and writing fiction is lot more difficult than writing opinion essays.


      • It is a lot more difficult and I only know this since I started, thrown away, started, thrown away, ect…
        Unfortunately when people google they want funny, celebrity, and instructions for their remote while great writers like yourself don’t get the attention they should receive.
        Not to mention how in the sam hell can Dean Koontz and Stephen King write 30 damn novels and I can’t turn out one chapter?
        I was looking yesterday at how to publish an ebook but unfortunately the words jumbled together so I have to look at it again.
        You do have the knack Mak for writing no matter what genre. hey I’m lucky I get to read you and know what they are missing.


        • I don’t know Bats. I’ve read quite a bit by those guys and not only did it require tons of research to produce that level of work, but I’ll bet that they were also much more willing to put up with all the “people” crap than I am.

          I do appreciate the compliment though, as I really needed a lift today! 😀


          • Your welcome Mak. It’s not a secret that I enjoy your writing.
            Thinking about it to write a book whether fiction or non, there is a lot of research that goes into it and I wouldn’t even know where to start.


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