Another Almost Sleepless Night…

As it was with the “Adrian Monk” TV character (Tony Shalhoub), I can see so much of my own personality mirrored in the “J.D. Dorian” character (Zach Braff) from TV’s Scrubs

In addition to the extreme social awkwardness, transparently thin skin, and overwhelming compulsion to “solve” the mysteries of life that both shows have built these characters around, “J. D.” also has that continuous “internal dialogue and narration” thing going on. It absolutely amazes me sometimes just how much these sound like my very own thought processes. As far back as I can remember, my own thoughts have always revolved around the possible retelling of events later – partly due to my own compulsion to explain myself, I’m sure, but just as much because I’ve always loved to write…

~ In Today’s Episode… | I Want Ice Water

I had such a hard time getting to sleep last night. And what little sleep I did manage ended up being rudely interrupted this morning by what sounded like people “rolling” huge stone blocks around in the apartment next door. Building their own pyramid, perhaps? Of course, I guess I should be thankful that these sounds weren’t accompanied by those blood-curdling screams I’ve come to expect from my neighbors when they’re having one of their little “disagreements”…

Anyway… While I was lying there last night, trying to get to sleep, there just happened to be a couple of reruns of Scrubs playing on my TV. Which is, of course, what reminded me of that old post, and this clip I included in it…

The reruns also got me out of bed and on my PC to search for another great Colin Hay song I heard playing in the background…

And left me up til the wee hours listening to old Men at Work songs, and so on…

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “Another Almost Sleepless Night…

  1. I’m a latecomer to Scrubs. Just started watching it in the last few months because the reruns happen to fall in a certain late-night time slot (after Craig Ferguson?) when I’m trying to tear myself away from the TV and laptop and get to bed. Funny show! Love Men at Work, too.

    Hope you sleep better tonight. Bad nights suck.


    • Thanks PT I really enjoyed traipsing down my Men at Work memory lane. And I’m definitely tired enough now, so maybe the sleep will come.

      I really regret not making more of an effort to watch Scrubs while they were still making new episodes. I recall there being a timing conflict with a couple of other shows, but apparently those other shows weren’t good enough for me to even remember what they were.

      Anyway, the show had so many good things about it that I could never focus my thoughts enough to do a concise write up. And the available videos amounted to an embarrassment of riches! But one of my favorite recurring things was Ted Buckland’s acapella band, the name of which I could never quite tie down. Here’s just one example:


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  3. Scrubs had one of the most heartbreaking scenes in it in which Ben dies. You know the show is on another level when it makes you laugh and cry simultaneously (like the old MASH episodes). Loved Men at Work, too, btw.


  4. Haven’t heard Men At Work for years……my hubby used to listen to them all the time when we first starting going together…I think we still have one of their albums in the closet………LOL


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