Agreeing To Disagree?

Oh dear. As is a habit I find hard to resist, I posted the following image to Facebook the other day…

Relative Fame

To which my nephew, the minister, couldn’t resist going off on a rant about. First claiming that, without Jesus, Dr. Convit wouldn’t have had the abilities he had, and then going on to claim that “Jesus is the reason for hospitals, universities, and the printing press.” He then posed the question “Why is it so easy to embrace resentment, anger, hostility, superstition, occult, and aliens, and yet we have such a hard time with people who live by love?” WTF?!?!

He then went on to proclaim that, with the help of Jesus, he himself had helped many people return from the brink of death – including me, when I was in that coma a few years back and not expected to recover. As you might well imagine, I did not take that very well! This was my response…

I don’t get why this offends you so much Jerry. I posted this out of my love for what I see as the truth. From where I sit, it’s you who seem to “embrace resentment, anger, hostility, superstition, occult, and aliens!”

And while we’re delving into fantasy, did you know I was in “a very beautiful place” while I was in that coma – a “place” I sometimes wish I had remained when compared to the world I came back to. Now, if you’re going to insist of grabbing credit for you and your God for my return, are you also willing to accept some blame for returning me to a place that so often seems like Hell to me?

I love you to death my nephew but, as always, this is an area we should just agree to disagree – in peace…

His response to that wasn’t quite clear. I know he apologized for “offending” me and said that he still loved me. I hope that’s true. But I posted this image just in case… 😉

Dear Pat Ryan

If you’re curious, I’ve linked those images to the blogs posts I borrowed them from… Of course, you know I couldn’t just leave it at that! 😳

I just couldn’t resist adding one more image. It’s from the same blog as the one at the top:

Children Should Not be Subjected to the Christian Religion!

And they say it’s non-believers like me that are inspiring a world without morals!

I want ice water.

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17 thoughts on “Agreeing To Disagree?

  1. Beats me why people like your nephew feel so angry about those who don’t believe as they do. Could they be feeling frustrated and defensive because they know they’ve failed to convince us to join them? The failure is theirs, not ours. They’re the ones proselytizing, not us. They’re the ones with something (a lot!) to prove.


    • I just wish the reasonable people were as outspoken about saving the world as religious people are about destroying it. The thing is though, I’m not sure how many people realize that “bringing on the kingdom of heaven” actually means destroying the world!


  2. Oh Izaak…don’t get me started. I can never understand belief in God for so many reasons. One book, one lousy book and some people defend it with such venom. And this a book which constantly contradicts itself. A book that recommends slavery, subjugation of women, the murder of children and animals, sacrificing people and animals to prove your faith…and then that…FAITH. Never questioning anything in the book. I never have [and boy I really have tried] and never will understand someone believing that one being made the universe in 6 days. But…trying to argue with them is a senseless exercise, because while they bleat on about how we should respect their beliefs, they almost never do the same. And that is another thing I don’t understand…why is my asking questions and expecting them to answer disrespecting them. If I have a viewpoint on any other subject I expect to have to put rational argument out there to make the case for what I am saying, but when I ask them to do the same…their only answer is: “I have faith”…like I said, don’t get me started.


      • That was my thought. I’m going to make a post about this.

        Adam and Eve can be traced back 4,000 years, so who are all these humans they find who are hundreds of thousands of years old, where did they come from, not from God.


  3. Izaak, I have had more than one of these conversations with people inside and outside of my family. Generally, people have learned to leave me alone. Mostly they do this because I know the Bible better than they do and can quote it better than they can. When this happens they walk away from the fight calling me a Heathen, to which I smile and agree.


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