Thoughtful Thursday

I ran across the videos in this post several days ago, and have held onto them while trying to decide on the best way to present them for your consideration. But then it occurred to me that they need about as much introduction as you need instruction on how to think for yourselves. So I’ve decided to provide them “as is” so to speak, as “food for thought” for your Thursday.

I found the 2nd video at Brilliant Video – Revolution 2012: It’s Time To Rise, page 1, and the 1st one after I checked out the YouTube channel that produced it. For more information on either, I suggest you read the blurbs on their respective YouTube pages…

Both videos via TragedyandHope – YouTube

I want ice water.

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26 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. The first one IzaakMak I used a similar one if not the exact same one some time ago,, the words spoken by Charlie Chaplin hit home to me and my readers.. my Video didnt hold the visual impact of horrors as I chose onewithout..I reprinted The speech underneath.. and Yes it makes you think!,,
    My Present post speaks on Truth and I am speaking here of those exact lies we are being told by those who govern
    Its Time now to start and stand UP.. and SPEAK!!! UP…
    Blessings to you..


    • Thanks Sue. I knew you’d understand! I have seen several versions of the Charlie Chaplin video, but this one was new to me. I presented it first in the hope that it’s familiarity might keep my readers around for the second, more difficult to watch, video….


        • I couldn’t agree more Sue – we’re all so focused on the external enemy of the moment that we forget the demons within. I’m sure glad someone’s got my back! 😀


          • Thats what I just wrote about haha.. the inner turmoil.. and how we all of us need to start and swap our thoughts… and learn to care again,, .. Im only every a thought and a post away!!! 😉


              • IzaakMak…. if you read my about Me.. you will see, I am no one special.. just an ordinary woman holding her own corner… and peeking into others.. and maybe just reminding some now and again. Sending you a Cosmic (( Hug )) my friend.. 😉 x


            • Oh I have read your about page Sue, as well as every one of the very thoughtful comments you’ve left on my blog. While I don’t always agree with the “spiritual” perspective you present, I’ve known from the start that they arise from a heart as pure as gold. You are a very special to me, and I’ll always treasure your visits to my little world! 😀


              • Many thanks to you IzaakMak, and I would so dislike it if we lived in a world where everyone agreed on everything, However would we descern and learn if we didnt have debate or Question ..
                Being Medium who speaks to those other realms, I often smile… as some can think me Mad! and mental, While others think I am a Guru of sorts.. Neither is the case..
                I often wonder just what I am??
                The only thing I know is I try to make a difference .. with a word here and a word there.. as Ive been to the Pit of that dark well of hoplessness, and know what it is to suffer both physical pain and emotional pain, so that gives me I guess a little empathy with others.. and my Mediumistic gifts help me look a little deeper into anothers Soul,, Not that I would ever pry,
                I just ‘Feel’ within what to say or do.. and that can be a gift or a curse.. for with it comes the burden of knowing anothers pain..
                I see and feel the worlds pain. and at times it reduces me to a Heap.. and is too much to bare ,
                But I have to write what I feel.. So thank you IzaakMak for reading my posts .
                And its nice to think you enjoy my visits.. 🙂 thank you x


            • Whether real or imagined Sue, there have been MANY times when I literally felt I was drowning in the emotions rolling off the people around me. Does that make me an “empath” of sorts? I really don’t know, but it is a big part of why I prefer not to be around more than a handful of people at a time. And having grown up around people who seemed to have little or no control of their emotions whatsoever, I would, frankly, never even dream of trusting in such a thing. With that being said however, I’ve experienced far too many things in my life that I couldn’t explain for me to simply dismiss these things out of hand.

              Sue, if I had to enumerate my top three rules for life, they’d be 1) Always keep an open mind. 2) Accept that I don’t, and can’t, know everything there is to know. 3) Always show respect where respect is due – particularly in the case of those willing to tread the ground on which I fear to walk.

              The first two rules ensure that your input will always be welcome here Sue, and the last guarantees that who and what you are will always get my respect! 😀


  2. That first video is really creative, not to mention inspiring. The background music is from the filmscore of “Inception”–one of my favorite CDs in my collection. And strangely, Chaplin received major criticism from the public–not for his parody of Hitler in the film (“The Great Dictator”), but for that speech he made at the end.


  3. I have watched the Greatest Speech so many times, this is a great reuse of it. The entire channel is really well done. Thank you for sharing this. So many times I ask the question “when do we say enough?”


    • I’ve asked myself that question more times than I could ever count Valentine. Fortunately, depending on your perspective of course, reality doesn’t have to wait on us to make up our minds… 😕


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