9/11 Declassified (via I Want Ice Water)

I just don’t have it in me to do a 9/11 tribute, as much as I feel I should. But for those who feel the need to relive it:

9/11 Declassified I honestly don't know how 'classified' these images were, but that was the subject line for the e-mail sent to me by my trusted friend. It came as a PowerPoint package with 58 total images in it. I don't have PowerPoint, but Google Docs allows me access to them. Because of the painful memories they invoke, it's taken me a few days to go through them. I've finally chosen 20 of them, including the cover and closer, for reproduction here. I know tha … Read More

via I Want Ice Water

I STILL want ice water!

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4 thoughts on “9/11 Declassified (via I Want Ice Water)

  1. The repost is quite a sufficient tribute; that first image is one I’ve not seen before… some courage to jump?

    We watched the story unfold on brit TV from about 1300h onwards, my father-in-law just could not understand what was happening. 3 years later, after his wife died, we took him on a cruise to the canaries. En route a French naval surveilance aircraft, a Breuget, gave us a smashing low fly past; father in law was adamant that it was going to take us out in 9/11 style, poor old bugger.

    Have as good a day as possible.


    • I think the memories of that day have left us all a little bit jumpy. The first image was just the opening image for the PowerPoint presentation. There’s enough sports on today that I think I can lose myself in that. That’s the plan at least. 😐


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