A Schizophrenic In Love…

Is there anything sadder than a paranoid schizophrenic who’s madly in love with his hallucination? How about the guy who envies him for having imaginary friends he can actually converse with? Well, no offense to my real family and friends, but the fact is that the “best” friends I’ve ever had – the ones I’ve always related to best – were all fictional characters from books, TV shows, and movies. I’m not sure if I’ve ever stated that directly, but I can’t imagine anyone who’s taken time to think about it being all that surprised.

Anyway… From the enormous mob of “imaginary” friends living on in my head, there’s probably none I’d love to converse with more than the Dr. Daniel Pierce character from the TNT series Perceptiona man who just happens to be head over heels in love with his very best friend, who exists only in his brilliantly complicated imagination.

I was fortunate enough to catch a rerun of the season 1 ending “Light” episode last night, in which Dr. Pierce comes “face-to-face” with the “reality” of that particular delusion…

The new season of Perception begins next Tuesday, June 25, at 10pm EDT on TNT. I just can’t “imagine” anyone not loving the characters, the humor, the drama – not to mention the awesome insights derived from real-world neuroscience – of this show. 😀

And best of all, you don’t have to be “crazy” to get it! 🙄

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on “A Schizophrenic In Love…

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