Sunday Inspirational

This is been in my drafts folder for a long time. In light of recent events, a pervasive feeling that crazy days are upon us, and a real need for a bit of perspective, it seems like an appropriate time to post it! I’ve “re-touched” it just a tad.

I ran across this amazing video on my blog buddy Gruffguano’s Weblog. It moved me so much that I just had to share.

Via Googol perplexity « Gruffguano’s Weblog

If you read his post, you’ll understand why I couldn’t resist tossing in this video response.

I want ice water.

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Inspirational

  1. brilliant mixed blog post, just what I needed to be honest. Love that speech and the remix is brilliant. And then the catslap, ohhh that just got me laughing like hell here… super dude.


    • What a good friend you are Rincewind. After sitting on the main body of this post for so long, and then sitting up all night playing around with ideas for updating it, I just knew that I’d gone too far and screwed it all up! I’m so glad you liked it. As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve got a huge collection of animated GIFs that I’m dying to find a use for! 😀


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  3. I don’t think you screwed it up… perfect segue.. and Palin being attacked by angry birds-truly inspired. I was pretty moved by Chaplin, of course then went to laughing my ass off on the Star Wars!
    So, where did the little girl at the very beginning come from? Was she in The Despicables?


    • Aw thank you! Your reactions were exactly what I was hoping for. As I said, I’d been sitting on this post for a while and it wasn’t until last night that I decided to do something with it. That’s also when I decided that it needed a little something, and decided on adding the animated GIFs at the end.

      But when I looked at it as a whole, I started to worry about the wisdom of having gone so far. That’s when I thought about the little girl – which I had only just downloaded an hour or so before! She is from The Despicables, which I didn’t know until doing a quick search to respond to your comment!


  4. Hey IzaakMak, thanks for posting that speech. I too found it very inspiring.

    (Ironically, immediately after that, my blogging inspiration plummeted to an all time low. 🙂 Also, it’s been pretty busy.)

    The Star Wars gangsta rap was very funny, and so are the other gifs. Palin finally looks the way she acts. And I noticed that you found some more proof that cats are evil.

    How have you been ?


    • Been doing okay my friend. I’m glad you liked the post, of which I the inspiration of entirely to you! But I must say that I don’t think that cats are necessarily evil though. Just like other intellectually advanced creatures (like us), they just can’t resist messing with the stupid! 😆

      I hope you’re able to resume your blogging soon. It’s “Hard damn work” coming up with good ideas on my own! 😀


      • I like to think that cats are like Garfield. I KNOW that dogs are like Odie! Garfield has all the character attributes to which I aspire: completely self-centered and able to ignore, and/or be rude to, anybody! 😀


        • I think you have your work cut out for you then, IzaakMak, because you seem to be the exact opposite of what you aspire. Which is a good thing.


          • I thought my words might raise an eyebrow or two! Rather than the usual “climbing a pile of people I killed to get to what I want” meaning for “self-centered,” I actually meant “being concerned with, and driven by, one’s own RATIONAL self interests.” Unfortunately, I haven’t exactly mastered that either! 😀


      • Thanks Loon 🙂 You never know when I’ll get the urge again to add a few megabytes of utter bollocks to the global datastream.

        I hope the flood didn’t damage or threaten your home in Oz ? We got some small taste of it over here. I had to use sandbags to prevent a cottage from flooding, not too long ago. The water was about half a meter deep already, and almost reached the door. Narrow escape, may not be so lucky next time.


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