“The Way It Is Changes”

Or does it? This will come as a surprise to almost no one, but my mood has taken a turn for the worse yet again. Well, unlike so many other times, this mood swing at least has an identifiable trigger – my son’s incessant griping about his less-than-perfect life.

I’m not in the mood to go into a lot of detail, but suffice it to say that I allowed my son to move in with me because I thought it would at once provide him with a stable environment while he attended college and provide me with some much needed help and companionship. Well, after letting school fall by the wayside and spending the better part of the year locked in his room playing video games, I was on the verge of kicking him straight to the curb – until, that is, he actually got himself a job.

Of course, no job is perfect. But considering that this one not only pays real money, and comes with a “boss” that picks him up to go do work he actually likes – in that most comfortable of work environments – the great outdoors, I think my disgust over his bitching about it is more than justified!

To top all that off, I had just started watching the latest episode of Burn Notice on my DVR when he got picked up this morning – and now have this damned line from that show’s opening sequence playing over and over in my head…

Which is actually quite fitting I think, considering the spy-like false pretenses he used to insinuate his way into my life! Anyway…

I was thinking it might be time for me to have another “talk” with him, when it occurred to me just how ineffective such talks have been in the past – about as effective as they were on the very hard-headed young man I used to be. In the end, I guess it’s a generational thing, and apparently each generation insists on learning its lessons the hard way…

~ Lyrics ~
Bruce Hornsby: “The Way It Is”
2PAC: “Changes”

Oh well, who am I kidding? It’s not as if I’ve actually gotten any “wiser with age” myself. If I had, would I still be such a sucker for those claiming to need my help? And age certainly hasn’t made me any more of a saint either, because I’ve got just as much bottled up anger inside as I’ve ever had. And the truth is that no one wants to hear me bitching either…

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on ““The Way It Is Changes”

    • Thanks Kat. I started to post just the Bruce Hornsby version, but when I found the mash-up, the implied “clash of generations” was just too good to pass up! 😀


  1. Eldest son has moved out again, this time with other roommates. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this works but have no immediate plans to do anything with his room.

    Kids will drive you crazy if you let them, and it’s hard not to let them. I’d never heard the Hornsby mash-up. I loved him in the day.


    • I’d never heard this mash-up either, until just before doing this post. Personally, the hardest thing about kids for me is watching them make the same mistakes I made even though they witnessed me making them. I feel more and more sympathy for my parents every day! 😀


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