My Adventure In Hostage Land!

He was a hard-headed man, he was brutally handsome
And she was terminally pretty
She held him up and he held her for ransom
In the heart of the cold, cold city

He had a nasty reputation as a cruel dude
They said he was ruthless, said he was crude
They had one thing in common they were good in bed
She’d say, “Faster, faster, the lights are turnin’ red”

Life in the fast lane, surely make you lose your mind
Life in the fast lane

Are you with me so far?

Eagles: “Life In The Fast Lane” Lyrics

A funny thing happened over the weekend, that is “funny” as in “embarrassing.” You see, I’d been experimenting over the last week or so to gradually reduce the number of things running in the background on my PC to see if I might get a better picture of what might be behind the recent increase in freeze-ups I’ve been experiencing. Well, I got tired and, worse yet, I didn’t think to turn my security settings back up before allowing my son to use my PC to do a little social networking. Nevertheless, I was still shaken to the core when he called me to come see the strange “pop-up” that had suddenly appeared on my screen announcing the horrible truth that my PC was no longer under my control!


Okay, that was Saturday night and we both ended up going to bed with no idea of how to regain control of my PC. By the time Sunday rolled around, I had all but resigned myself to having to come up with some cash from somewhere to buy one of those “rescue disks” that you can boot from to run malware repair tools included on the same disk. Fortunately, and to my great relief, my son remembered that a PC could be booted directly into the “System Restore” menu using one of the function keys, completely bypassing the normal start-up process that would take us back to nightmare-land!

At any rate, that all wasted less than a day of our weekend, even if it did seem one helluva lot longer. And since then, I’ve been trying to decide if I wanted to reveal what an embarrassingly stupid mistake I had made. But then I saw a rerun of the Bones “The Recluse in the Recliner” episode, and the song at the end was such a stark reminder to me of why I started this blog in the first place…

I move away from this place
In the form of a disturbance
And enter into the world
Like some tiny distortion

If I surrender
And I don’t fight this wave
No I won’t go under
I’ll only get carried away



Beck: “Wave” Lyrics

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “My Adventure In Hostage Land!

    • It’s the eMachines Windows 7 system my son gave me 3 (4?) years ago Rosie. The one that’s been freezing up almost from day one, and we sent back to the factory twice without it getting fixed…


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