Vaginas Protest Republican Convention!

Good news friends. After many years of oh so sweet whispers that apparently only I could hear, it’s with great relief that I announce that the world’s vaginas have decided to send a delegation to speak publicly – for the first time ever – in protest at the Republican National Convention! See there, I’m not so crazy after all – Haha!!!


What’s that? What do you mean it’s just women protesting while dressed as vaginas? You don’t say? Men too? WTF?!?! Well at least tell me they’re “channeling” women’s vaginas! No? Damn!!!

Well then, carry on… Smiley

Ah… Um… Err… You tell ’em ladies!!! Smiley

I want ice water.

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44 thoughts on “Vaginas Protest Republican Convention!

    • Oh Luddy, I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have a woman join in the fun! I really was beginning to think I’d gone too far. And to come right back at you, the ones whispering in my ear are quite well spoken too – that is when they’re not letting me know who’s boss!!! 😆


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  2. I hadn’t noticed that no women were talking about vaginas until you mentioned it. I was still busy laughing at all of the dicks inside the RNC.

    But seriously, IM, this particular female is mighty weary of old white guys (or young ones who seem like old throwbacks to the 1950’s) trying to legislate what I do with my lady parts.


  3. LOL !
    I’m laughing now, but what if they won this election? Guess I should practice putting aspirin between my knees. Not that I need it. I’ve been happily single since birth, Ba ha ha ha.


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