Thank Goodness For Mission Control!

I ran across this wonderful video over at, of all places, the TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog. I guess it’s once a geek, always a geek. It’s a great look at how some pretty quick thinking helped save the day after a lightning strike during the launch of the Apollo 12 mission to the moon.

Via Did we go to the moon?

I highly recommend that you read the rest of the post! 😀

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Mission Control!

    • Thanks Frank. I’m sure there’s a great “monkeys, typewriters, and epic novels” joke to be made from this. I’m just glad they had enough nerds on hand for one of them to have just the bit of exotic knowledge the situation required! 😀


    • Thanks Jim. I’m actually sure that I have heard about this before, though it seems an unlikely thing to have made the news at the time. Still, this is a great story, even if it did get lost in all the space related stuff I’ve watched in the intervening time! 😀


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