Louis CK: Being White (via Metousiosis)

This guy is so good! But I couldn’t help being reminded of how it was to grow up, super-light skinned, with green eyes and curly blond hair, in all Black neighborhoods…

Because it’s Friday… The extraordinary Louis CK speaking the unfortunate truth. NSFW. …

via Metousiosis

And when he was talking about the future, I couldn’t help wonder if he’d ever read Heinlein’s Farnham’s Freehold! 😆

I want ice water.

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20 thoughts on “Louis CK: Being White (via Metousiosis)

  1. I laughed but at the same time was thinking he was right about the time travel thing. Food for thought.

    You’ve got green eyes? Sexy! I tried for years to convince people, especially the various DMVs, that my pale grayish bluish greenish eyes were green. The best I could get — once — was gray. Everyone else said blue.


    • I suspect the future will not be kind to very many of us… Eye color is just one of the weird threads that run through my family. A couple of my relatives have eyes that change shades depending on their mood! 😀


  2. Yes, definitely funny that one my friend 🙂 I do hope that you are having a good start to your weekend? Here of course it is rather poor on the weather front but hey who cares as long as there are some ghoulish horror films to watch, or that the dark maiden of wickedness is out on the hunt? 🙂 Well that certainly caught your interest I bet? lol Just kidding Mak, have a great time today and keep posting 🙂



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