Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party

It’s a funny thing really, that despite the many distinctions that can be drawn between these two movements…

In my mind at least, there’s still a “gut level” connection between them that goes all the way back to the year I was born:

If you care to explore the connection, you can start with the links here.

I want ice water.

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15 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party

  1. Once again, infographics does a great job of displaying numbers in a way that’s easier to absorb. On first reading I was tempted to criticize the “stereotypes” section as being too extreme, but then I realized that it was a fit. Generalizing can be misleading, but in this case I think it’s appropriate to show the flavor of the participants. And, the label “stereotypes” is right on – there are no absolutes here.

    I think this makes a nice companion piece to my own latest post on “Extreme Positions” comparing political philosophies within the Republican party.

    Excellent, and thanks, Izaak.


    • Thanks Jim, and I agree absolutely! We hear so much about our economic recovery being tied to consumer spending, and yet the only “benefit” of that recovery I see for the consumer is the ability to consume even more. To me, there’s something wrong with that picture. Have you ever seen my It’s That Time Of Year Again post?


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  3. It’s sad to see that although more people support and are a part of OWS, they are frittering away their potential power by not getting organized enough to use it effectively. In fact, I think they’ve managed to become their own worst enemies with all the police clashes, destruction of property, violation of city ordinances, etc.


    • Have you noticed that, even in this post, I’m voicing more of a “dis-ease” than anything else? I think they’re having an even harder time than I am of defining exactly what they’re protesting against! 😐


  4. America is certainly in the midst of something could be great for it – or go the other way. We (the other nations) will be watching this with a sense of anticipation, and dare I say it – hope.


    • There was a time when I would think to respond, in my best John Wayne voice, “Well you just step back little lady, and let us show you how it’s done!” These days, however, when I think of the kind of leadership we’ve shown lately… 😯


  5. Hey Mak,
    I was surprised that even though the tea partiers are wealthier, the occupiers are more educated. That would mean ‘poorer’ people spend more for education!

    The video of that stereo should be preserved.


    • Hi Poch! I think the fact that so many of the OWS people are students (and graduates) with huge student loan debts may have tilted those stats just a little. That stereo is a real classic isn’t it? 😀


  6. I wonder if these stats are in any way similar to those of the Occupy protesters on my side of the Atlantic. On the face of it, I wouldn’t be surprised. Of course, the political landscape of the UK is somewhat different, since there’s nothing analogous with the Tea Party movement over here, excepting perhaps the BNP. Only they’re not into protests. Rallies are more their thing.

    Not sure how or even if other Occupy protests are being reported in the US, but in the main it’s been quite balanced over here I’m pleased to say (though the far right press has of course gone nuts, going to the extent of filming protestors tents with thermal imaging equipment to “demonstrate” that most of them are empty at night). Official response seems to have been more considered too, minus the fracas over St. Paul’s, of course.


    • Interesting to get a little feedback on how this thing is going outside the US. Sounds like the coverage is pretty much divided along the same lines though – big news on the left when “the man” acts against it, and pretty much ignored on the right unless there’s a way to cast it in a bad light!


      • Yep, that about sums it up. Having just had another quick Google, one of the first things that showed up was a report from the Daily Mail (one of those that ran the thermal imaging thing) about children living in squalor in the St. Paul’s camp, among other things. Be interesting to see how their coverage of this story stacks up against those from other sources…

        Just to add to my previous comment, while coverage has been largely fairer, there has been far less of it, at least in comparison to the recent riots.


        • There have been a few over here who say the media has mad too big of a deal out events like the big UC Davis mace spraying incident, saying that it pales in comparison to actions taken against protesters in places like Egypt and Syria. I’m thinking “what, we sure ignore it until they go that far?!?!?!” 😯


  7. Honestly, I thought both movements are not getting the point. I don’t argue against why they’re doing the protests; I do have an issue with the motivation behind it. The Tea Party was conveniently formed after Obama was elected. Where in the hell were they when Bush was running the country into the ground? They don’t want government intervention but they were showing up with Medi-Care paid-for scooters.

    OWS was formed due to the excessive greed but why are so many OWS protesters not protesting in front of Apple offices when they posted record profits? Who in the hell fights the power when they’re tweeting on their iPhone?

    They can’t have it both ways.

    I think both movements would’ve done better if there was clear ideology of what the goal is. I feel like I’m Charlie Brown and both movements are the teachers: wah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah.


    • Hi Vera! You know, I felt a very strong sense of…. hope (?), for lack of a better word, when both movements begun, but as I’ve been convinced for years about the demoplicans and republicrats whose “sides” they’re lining up with – I’ve got a sinking feeling that they’re also as wrong as two left feet! 😕


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