Sequestration – Burning Down The House?

Watch out… you might get what you’re after…
Cool babies… strange but not a stranger…
I’m an ordinary guy…

Burning down the house!

Hold tight… wait ’til the party’s over…
Hold tight… we’re in for nasty weather…
There… has… got to be a way…

Burning down the house!

Well, here we go again my friends. As Congress burns rubber (and jet fuel) getting out of town, and ministers voice on-air prayers for Gawd to “save us from ourselves,” we’ve stumbled upon yet another of those self (government “of the people”) inflicted “the world will end if we don’t act by” dates.

Happy Sequestration Day Everyone! 🙄

Now I’ve thought long and hard about what would be just the right message to express my disgust, and I’ve concluded that a lengthy, well reasoned call for reason on my part would amount to little more than a monumental waste of breath.

So I’ve decided that the only “logical” response that makes any sense, using the “Bizarro World” logic that passes for reason these days, would be to fight fire with fire…

Here’s your ticket pack your bags… time for jumpin’ overboard…
Transportation is here…
Close enough but not too far… maybe you know where you are…
Fightin’ fire with fire…


All wet… hey you might need a raincoat…
Shakedown… dreams walking in broad daylight…
Three hundred, sixty five degrees…

Burning down the house!

Or should that be “fight madness with madness?”

I want ice water.

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19 thoughts on “Sequestration – Burning Down The House?

  1. With Michelle bachmann, sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Alan West, et al, on the Republican side, I know they will bring down the government, and everybody with it, and these people will laugh about it. I say, bring it on. The Red States where these people come from are the takers….they get the most of federal largesse. The ultimate in irony.


    • Ultimate in irony indeed. And saddest of all is their fight to cut spending at the expense of helping the poor – all the while protecting the “corporate welfare” tax loopholes their benefactors are enjoying so much!


  2. I will not even pretend to know what you are going on about here IzaakMak,:-) 😉 Politicians are all the same the world over…and over and over and over… Lots of repetitive statements with lots of promises…which never deliver unless its in their own pockets…

    Have a Great Weekend my friend…


    • Sorry for the confusion my friend. Suffice it to say that our government is proving, once again, that the U.S. leads the world in dumbassery! 😳

      A great weekend to you too Sue! 😀


  3. Perhaps an Ax Handle would work better than a fire hose? Also; thanks for the new word
    Dumbassery! YES DUMBASSERY!!! Phillip. Eggsuckingpup


    • Well, I was kind of imagining that fire hose being unleashed on Congress Phillip, but I do like the way you’re thinking! 😆

      I’m glad you like the “dumbassery” word but, as you can see from these search results, I’m pretty sure it didn’t originate with me… 🙄


  4. Interesting! What a coincidence; I was thinking of Congress when I mentioned the Ax handle. The Fire Hose and the Ax Handle seem to be so different and yet they are much the same when it comes to Congress. They may well work wonders when use in conjunction! Eggsuckingpup


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