Theories, Theories, Everywhere…

… With nary a fact to think! Drink? Whatever… Unless you’ve spent your entire life in some isolated jungle tribe, you’ve heard at least a few of the countless “conspiracy theories” spouted by people for as long as we’ve been around. Hell, according to Abby on NCIS, even equatorial pygmies know that Gibbs doesn’t believe in coincidences!

While growing up, I personally heard everything from “non-whites are being enslaved or killed off because they’re the ‘true’ children of God,” to “the ‘clear connection’ between the KKK and the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK (“the Ks are the key, man!),” to “the space program is the ‘White Devil’s’ attempt to ascend the throne of God, leaving the ‘mud people’ grounded on this ball of dirt.” Of course, my refusal to buy into this madness got me branded as “Crazy!”

And there’s certainly no shortage of mad theories circulating around these days. Driven by nearly omnipresent fears derived from race, religion, and the overreach of government, mere minutes spent watching virtually any news program can send me scrambling to revise those “Ball Of Confusion” lyrics once again!

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I did indeed fall asleep, again, with my TV tuned to a news channel. 🙄 This time it was MSNBC, which I tuned to because I was hoping to catch what l missed (because of the MLB All-Star Game) of Rachel Maddow’s report on the ongoing madness surrounding the FBI’s botched handling of a 2 year old Boston triple homicide, which led to the bizarre “explained only through leaks” death of a Boston Bombing connected “suspect” in that case. If you missed it, I urge you to view the clips online, here and here.

Anyway… I slowly resumed consciousness again with that “Morning Joe” show droning on and on about the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case and what it means for “the future of America.” And, just as they were going to commercial (and the voice in my head began screaming “Enough Already!”), they began playing the following song – which took me all the way back to those “crazy” days of my youth…

As well as to Red Dirt Kelly’s What did the first warrior say to the Great Spirit? post from just the other day, and the Longmire episode that inspired it. All of which left me wondering, once again, just where the Hell MY real home is…

I want ice water.

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