Dancing Towards The Funeral Pyre…

A little food for thought…

Livin’ easy – Lovin’ free
Season ticket on a one way ride
Askin’ nothin’ – Leave me be
Takin’ everythin’ in my stride
Don’t need reason – Don’t need rhyme
Ain’t nothin’ that I’d rather do
Goin’ down – Party time
My friends are gonna be there too…

AC/DC – “Highway To Hell”

No stop signs – Speed limit
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Like a wheel – Gonna spin it
Nobody’s gonna mess me around
Hey Satan – Payin’ my dues
Playin’ in a rockin’ band
Hey mumma – Look at me
I’m on the way to the Promised Land…

AC/DC – “Highway To Hell”

They can’t really think they’ll win, right? Could it be they define ‘winning’ a little differently? And what about all the westerners who’ve been stewing their whole lives in our own brand of fundamentalism? Why are so many of them joining the rush to Armageddon? Do you think these links might provide some clues?:

Could it be that the trouble derives more from the things we have in common than from the things on which we differ?

I’m on the Highway to Hell
On the Highway to Hell
Highway to Hell
I’m on the Highway to Hell
(Highway to Hell) I’m on the Highway to Hell
(Highway to Hell) Highway to Hell
(Highway to Hell) Highway to Hell
(Highway to Hell)
And I’m goin’ down
All the way
I’m on the Highway to Hell

AC/DC – “Highway To Hell”

If You Believe In God

Jailbreaks are always ugly, especially those at the asylum…

My apologies to AC/DC for the abuse of their lyrics. I Love their music, but that song is just too perfect a fit!

I want ice water.

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