On Chasing The Squirrels Of Language…

I’ve been trying to imagine the steps I might take to make something similar ever since I saw the incredible image below over on the Twisted Sifter blog. Unfortunately, it has since become painfully clear that creating something like that requires far greater focus than my mere fascination with language and obsessive/compulsive tendencies give me…


Reblogged from One of the More Interesting Sentences in the English Language on Twisted Sifter

You see, the text overlaying that image is referred to as a rhopalic sentence, and was written by author and “father of logology” Dmitri Borgmann, as part of his Language On Vacation: An olio of orthographical oddities publication way back in in 1965. Even with the vast array of writing aids available to me today, my best efforts have failed to surpass even the worst submissions to this contest put on by The Washington Post.

In the end (and as the content of this blog surely proves) I guess that, rather than being one possessed with unnatural linguistic abilities myself, I’m more like the dog Dug, in that Disney/Pixar movie Up

Dug the Dog - from Up

In the sense that I am drawn to these linguistic anomalies but am too easily distracted to actually chase them down. For example, I was watching the 2010 remake of the old John Wayne movie True Grit yesterday, and I just couldn’t help obsessing over the foreign sounding nature of the dialogue in it. I even went so far as to discover that the dialogue in the remake was actually far truer to the original Charles Portis book than that used in the first movie (see here, and here).

Unfortunately, by the time the Iris Dement song started playing at the end, another tale of hard sought vengeance (playing on a different channel) had conspired with my thoughts on country music to cause yet another “crazy squirrel” to run across my subconscious: the strange mystery behind Bobbie Gentry’s classic Ode to Billie Joe, a song which has been running across my mind every now and again since I first heard it back in 1967, a full two years before that first True Grit movie came out…

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on “On Chasing The Squirrels Of Language…

    • Really? That’s funny PT, because during all the crazy time I spent trying to figure out what this thing was and how I might create one, I kept thinking to myself, “If I only had PT’s skills with language!” O_o


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