Wednesday’s Wonders…

From Universe Today


“The Census Dotmap is a project by Brandon Martin-Anderson, who wanted an image of human settlement patterns that didn’t use political boundaries. He wrote a script that organized all the census data into points that got drawn into the block-level counts… well, you can see more about how he made it here.”

Via Amazing Map Is Made Up Of Everyone in the U.S. and Canada
and Census Dotmap

Via melodysheep: Remixes for the Soul on YouTube

“Yakko’s Universe Song” – From the Animaniacs Christmas Special,
a song meant to educate and put a bit of perspective into our lives.

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wonders…

  1. You know how I love maps!! And I do love being out in the middle of the West’s wide open spaces. I’ve lived in some of those big black blurs and didn’t care for it.


      • Hmmm. I don’t want anyone getting any funny ideas, so I’ma start filling in a buncha little black dots all over the West, so everyone will *think* we’re just as crowded out here…(Listen, I wanna keep my miles of vast emptiness!)


        • Probably not a bad idea Luddy, just in case :wink:, though I suspect your biggest worry will be the filthy rich and/or survivalist cults seeking land to build their guarded compounds on. The city folks I know cringe at the very thought of living apart from the herd! 🙄


  2. Did you watch this week’s episode of Criminal Minds? Great, great song at the end by Richard Walters called Infinity Street. It’s on youtube, but it sounds better on his site.


    • I’m listening to “Infinity Street” as I write this my friend. It’s really good, and I’m amazed that I don’t actually remember it from the show. Of course I was so stunned and angry at the end that I could barely think of anything beyond throwing my remote at the screen!

      Matthew Gray Gubler’s “Spencer Reid” character has always been my favorite from the show, and it really pissed me off when the writers decided to deny him the chance for some much needed love. I know, I know, they also allowed “The Reaper” to kill Hotchner’s wife, but he at least got the visceral satisfaction of beating that monster to death with his bare hands!

      At any rate, I guess Beth Riesgraf was just on loan from her role in “Leverage” – another really good show, and her “Parker” is my favorite character there as well. I know it’s silly, after all it is just a TV show, but having a “romance” between two of my TV favorites end so tragically is… well, painful… 😕


      • I understand completely. Spencer has always been my favorite, the misfit who somehow fits in. I heard an interwebs rumor that she isn’t dead……could it be? Yes, he deserves love and if not that, then to be able to beat to death the enemy with his hands, even though he would never do that.

        So much invested in these non-people.

        BTW, the song is haunting me, and I really, really want to buy it, which is something that hasn’t happened to me in a while, always content just to listen on youtube.


        • It’s weird how much satisfaction I get from living vicariously through fictional characters, but it is soooooo much less “messy” than actual contact with real people… 😳

          It’s been a very long time since I could afford to indulge my music buying habit. There was a time, way, way back, when stopping at record and bookstores were were a traditional thing for me to do on my way home after getting paid! 😀


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