Curses, Foiled Again!

I know that some of you might not have understood the reason for the worry I expressed in my Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier… post. But for those of you who did, I’ve got an update for you:


That was what my entire day was like yesterday. But all is well today, fortunately. All my bills have been paid, and my payee even acknowledged his error by covering the overdraft and late payments fees this time. Better yet, he’s promised to finally get the direct deposit going again! Of course, it did take a little note in the envelope from Social Security warning him that he had to do it, along with an “easy and painless” way to get it done… 🙄


I want ice water.

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18 thoughts on “Curses, Foiled Again!

  1. can’t find your “like” button, so I tell you so… “LIKE” and happy to hear!!!
    except for the “put the screw to the man” and “watch him squirm” part!!


    • I feel like I’m the one who’s been getting screwed for the amusement of others Alex, but at least it’s finally over… I think… I hope… 🙄

      BTW, I removed the “Like” button to prevent spammers from teasing my readers into going to their bogus sites. It’s a shame that such a useful feature is being abused and WordPress isn’t doing anything about it… 😕


      • that really sucks… I hadn’t heard about that… I think the “like” button serves a good purpose – when I don’t have time to leave a comment, but want you to know I stopped by! Oh well… if I do run into that happening, I’ll be sure to whine loudly!!!



        • I really didn’t want to disable the “Like” button Janet, for just the reason you mentioned, and I actually wavered back and forth on the issue for awhile before making up my mind. In the end though, I thought it best to err on the side of security.

          BTW, there was a really lively discussion on the issue at Why I turned off WordPress ‘Like’ on the Pied Type blog.


  2. So glad things are”getting better” child….and the squirl was crazyfunny!!!! I loved it…..My son is not doing so good again…we have an appointment Tues @ The James. I am headed over to his house shortly. I did not go over yesterday ( planted 4 flats (144 ) flowers around the front and back of the house, and I am sure feeling it today).:-) but from experience tomorrow I will be feeling it even more….LOL Glad things are back on track for you…..finances are a BITCH !!


    • Thanks Rosie. I’m glad to know this little problem might be going away. Take care of your back. Mine is killing me today and I haven’t done any gardening work at all!

      Best wishes to both you and your son!! 😀


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