Inner Dialogue…

An example of the crazy crap that runs through my head when I’m stuck in my kitchen cooking or doing the dishes…

Everyone’s watchin’ to see what you will do
Everyone’s lookin’ at you, oh
Everyone’s wonderin’ will you come out tonight
Everyone’s tryin’ to get it right, get it right…

“There’s one thing I don’t understand. You terrorists expend so much energy frightening women and children into hiding under their beds…”

“Yeah, so what’s your point?”

Everyone’s lookin’ to see if it was you
Everyone wants you to come through
Everyone’s hopin’ it’ll all work out
Everyone’s waiting, they’re holding out…

“And frightening all those “talking heads” into going off all “half-cocked” and everything…”

“And it’s working too. But I still don’t get your point.”

Everybody’s goin’ off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance, oh…

“Well, it’s like I said… You spend all that energy scaring people… Like women, children, and talking heads… But it never seems to occur to you that it’s not the women, children, and talking heads you should be worried about…”

You want a piece of my heart?
You better start from the start…

Sorry, I really don’t know how to turn it off. 😳 Please, make it stop!!! 😯

I want ice water.

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7 thoughts on “Inner Dialogue…

  1. This song by Loverboy always gets me goin’…. whether driving, housework,dishes,sweeper, laundry…..this one and the one by Bob Seger/Give Me That Good Ole Fashon Rock and Roll…. oh .yeah…love that Seger


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