In Today’s Episode…

As it was with the “Adrian Monk” TV character (Tony Shalhoub), I can see so much of my own personality mirrored in the “J.D. Dorian” character (Zach Braff) from TV’s Scrubs. And, also as it was with Monk, the ever changing Scrubs theme song even reflects the way I see the world and my relationship to it:

In addition to the extreme social awkwardness, transparently thin skin, and overwhelming compulsion to “solve” the mysteries of life that both shows have built these characters around, “J. D.” also has that continuous “internal dialogue and narration” thing going on. It absolutely amazes me sometimes just how much these sound like my very own thought processes. As far back as I can remember, my own thoughts have always revolved around the possible retelling of events later – partly due to my own compulsion to explain myself, I’m sure, but just as much because I’ve always loved to write.

In fact, this post was inspired by my ongoing thoughts about dealing with my still broken PC :mad:, my health care issues :sad:, and the awkwardness I feel when it comes to seeking help from others :roll:. But although “J.D.” style scenario after “J.D.” style scenario on how to deal with these things keep running through my mind, I’m just not able to dredge up the motivation required to express the chaotic mess in a satisfactory way. However, since it is messing with my sleep big time, I’m hoping that one last clip from Scrubs will do the trick:

Men At Work – OverKill – (YouTube)

Amazingly enough, I put this entire post together, from Youtube searches and off-line editing, to pasting it into the WP editor and setting my tags and categories, without my PC freezing one a single time. Go figure! 😯

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “In Today’s Episode…

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by Justin. I honestly can’t think of a single thing I’ve seen Zach Braff in other than Scrubs, and, based on my experience with having a similar imagination, I’ve developed a real appreciation for the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing! 😀


    • Thanks Poch! I use Firefox and I’ve never heard of a ‘turn off lights’ extension. Funny thing though: my “freeze up” problem returned within an hour or two after I installed Firefox onto my “reloaded” PC. I know that millions of people use Firefox, so it has to be a coincidence. But just like every other time this system was in a “virgin” state, I got so frustrated trying to work with Internet Explorer that Firefox ended up being the first thing I installed (after security stuff of course). But it had worked almost all day after getting it back until a couple hours after installing Firefox… 😕


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  2. “Monk” and “Scrubs” — two excellent shows. As for the former, whenever there’s a marathon, I’m there, with the DVR set for those episodes that will air during sleep time. (Yeah, sleep time — when you’re a writer, what is that anyway?)

    I’m wishing you the best for the new year, and that heartfelt sentiment includes a prayer that you have a repaired, if not new or refurbished, PC! 🙂


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