Today’s Sermon – Put Up or Shut Up

It’s a crime

Share it fairly
But don’t take a slice of my pie!

From Money by Pink Floyd

Despite it’s well documented flaws, I grew up in an America so optimistic that it presumed to have a future bright enough to provide everyone a piece of the so-called – and ever-expanding – “American Dream.” Not surprisingly, that optimism has faded dramatically in the last few years, and we now find ourselves in the middle of a “culture war” where many folks are demanding that “Somebody DO Something!” out one side of their mouths while protesting “Not At My Expense!” out the other.

Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of unions of any kind – for philosophical reasons. And I’m sure that I’m not the first to wonder why unionized and “public sector” workers should be paid so much more than those doing similar jobs elsewhere. But I’ve also wondered why politicians, who supposedly work for us, get to live so much better than their employers, and how it’s possible for top level employees at companies to “earn” hundreds, or even thousands, of times the pay of those who actually do the work.

Well, speaking as one American desperate to have his faith in his fellow Americans restored, I’m calling on all those currently enjoying the limelight while demanding that other people make sacrifices to start listing the sacrifices they are willing to make!

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I posted this song once before, in Show Me, Don’t Tell Me. But if ever there was a message that deserved to be repeated, it’s this one. Besides, this version was recorded live!

RUSHShow, Don’t Tell

How many times do you hear it?
It goes on all day long
Everyone knows everything
And no one’s ever wrong
Until later…

Who can you believe?
It’s hard to play it safe
But apart from a few good friends
We don’t take anything on faith
Until later…

Show… Don’t tell…

(Show me, don’t tell me) – You’ve figured out the score
(Show me, don’t tell me) – I’ve heard it all before
(Show me, don’t tell me) – I don’t care what you say
(Show me, don’t tell me)

You can twist perceptions
Reality won’t budge
You can raise objections
I will be the judge
(And the jury)

I’ll give it due reflection
Watching from the fence
Give the jury direction
Based on the evidence
I, the jury

Show… Don’t tell…

(Show me, don’t tell me) … Hey, order in the court
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Let’s try to keep it short
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Enough of your demands
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Witness take the stand
(Show me, don’t tell me)

Show… Don’t tell…

Show… Don’t tell…

(Show me, don’t tell me) … Hey, order in the court
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Let’s try to keep it short
(Show me, don’t tell me) … I don’t care what you say
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Let’s see exhibit A

(Show me, don’t tell me) … You’ve figured out the score
(Show me, don’t tell me) … I’ve heard it all before
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Enough of your demands
(Show me, don’t tell me) … Witness take the stand
(Show me, don’t tell me)

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “Today’s Sermon – Put Up or Shut Up

  1. I have to agree. The so-called American Dream has taken a hit of late. During the last 10 years of my life I’ve taken an approx. 80 percent reduction in wages and benefits. At this point I’m kind of fatalistic about it. And I figure, well, if it can happen to me is it really so bad if it happens to someone else. Am I supposed to cry, for example, if someone making lots more money and benefits than me doesn’t get their annual COLA? Or, God forbid, they have to take a little reduction of their own? So I find myself feeling kind of torn.


    • 80%?!?! OMG! I live on disability and haven’t received a COLA for the last 3 years. But I don’t complain because, without what I do get, I’d be homeless, living in some old veterans facility or, heaven forbid, with relatives! 😯

      As opposed to those I grew up around, I always looked at the gains of others as indicative of a rising potential that benefits everyone in the long haul. I still don’t look on what others have with envious eyes, but I do see that a lot of what I saw as “rising potential” was actually an oncoming flood of “past due” bills! 😯


  2. Roll on 21st December 2012.

    Sheez, don’t get me started IzaakMak. We are our own worst enemies. If we really,really wanted to, we could end world hunger, incurable diseases, poverty, drought etc. Reason we don’t? Money, money, money! OK, I don’t want to slam all the charity organizations but hello, with all the money raised from just World Vision over it’s 60 Years (which is way into the billions ) you’d think they could have built some kind of infrastructures to assure future generations of water, food etc. Everyone seems to want band-aid solutions. The friggin Romans were building aquaducts in 312 BC. If you added up what every charity and government in the world , donates to poor countries each year you’d be truly amazed as to why we still live in such a world.

    and cease rant…oh except for this ….

    And the big irony alert….can’t take it with you!


    • Great comment Loon! I was told a “joke” once that went something like: “you gotta expect losses in a big operation like this!” I think it was a way of rationalizing the disappearance of things like office supplies, petty cash, and such. It took a while, but then something caused me to start doing a little math in my head over what the losses might be if the logic in that “joke” were applied across the full spectrum of charities, businesses, and governments. I know that the numbers I imagined were probably off by quite a lot, but whatever the total might actually be, I’m sure that it’s truly staggering!

      Sadly though, I think it goes far beyond just petty pilfering. I think that the whole of humanity has been corrupted by the idea of “the next guy is getting over, so why shouldn’t I?” And worst of all, since everyone carries the guilt of their own participation in the biggest lie in history, no one dares acknowledge its existence for fear of being the only one to bear the consequences.


        • Mak, I read this yesterday and I have to tell you…thank you for the calling out. We’ve lost our house, we are down to 20 dollars with neither of us with jobs, we’ve had to move our kids from the best schools to once that are great but I’m not impressed, I had to ask my inlaws for 20 dollars to buy gas to get to their house to see them (LOL!), this list goes on and on. The big banks have been given huge amounts of money three seperate times and people are losing their house everyday…the big banks aren’t doing what was promised to us, help us. I have bill collectors call me constantly and don’t care there is only 20 bucks in our account, “okay so we’ll take that $20 payment, will that check card or would you like to give me the check number you’d like to use.” My fathers medicare was cut so now his doctor can only see him 3 times a year and they will no longer pay for the treatment that is extending his life, all they can do is try and keep him comfortable with medications. His SS was cut in half so how he’ll pay for anything, we have no clue. This man served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam, his plot Arlington National Cemetary is no longer for him. I’m sick of hearing that our country is getting better, no it’s not. I have no health care for my kids and they can’t deal with overwhelming need of state help that to get an appointment for them to tell you don’t qualify for it takes 2 weeks.
          I am DONE! I can no longer deal with peoples bulshit anymore. Phew…thanks for the calling out Mak, now how do we kick their asses without going to jail? Hey I could get a lion to piss on them 😉


          • There’s only one way Bats, and I’ve been struggling with how to describe it ever since I started this blog. It’s been incredibly difficult for me just to say as much as I have, because I’m as guilty as the rest of my species. And just like everyone else, I wish that I was wrong.


  3. The people of Wisconsin voted their Republican governor and Republican legislators into office. What did they expect? Elections have consequences. I have no sympathy for unions and their efforts to ensure their own jobs and benefits in defiance of logic and reality and at the expense of anyone and everyone else.


    • By definition, labor unions are the “guild” form of socialism. But, on the other hand, the “fake capitalists” brought the reign of unions down on themselves – and the rest of us! 😐


      • WOW great points both of you.

        `at the expense of anyone and everyone else`
        Ya there’s a lot of kids that aren’t getting what they deserve, their education and that’s just the Wisconsin example.


        • I hated school with a passion, and yet I could never read enough to quench my thirst for knowledge. I was fortunate to have plenty of access to public libraries, but the fools have even managed to screw that up for today’s kids. I only hope that they’ll use the Internet for more than Facebook, gaming, and porn!


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