Loneliness Is A Bitch

Sometimes I get so tired of being alone. It’s so depressing. Especially with the holiday season just beginning. But just before my depression overwhelms me again, something always comes along to make me laugh at my own foolishness. Like the other night, when I caught a bit of Superhero Movie on the Comedy Central channel:

So I guess the joke’s on me again. After all, my isolation IS self imposed.

I want ice water.

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24 thoughts on “Loneliness Is A Bitch

      • An old timer friend of mine, who sadly passed on quite some time ago, was as close to a zen master as I’ll ever meet gave me advice on how to quit smoking. He said “If you don’t have one now you’ll never have another … ‘now’ always being here.” Over the years I have tried to turn that saying around for things that I need to do to better myself … more than not it worked, but, not always. Just a thought.



    I get where you’re coming from. I’m lonely, depressed, and my life just totally blows at the moment, but I will be thankful tomorrow. Today I’ll leave to thinking about my epic fail on an epic scale, tomorrow I will think how wonderful I am and how lucky I am to not be Somalian.

    If you want a friend on facebook I’m on FB, just let me know. The only thing is if you see me on there and be wanting to conversate it’s better if you say hi first b/c I’m too shy to start but fine if someone wants to talk to me (I’m working on the whole shy thing). I’d be happy to have you as a friend for what it’s worth.


    • I’m so glad you get where I’m coming from! And I absolutely agree with you on maintaining a proper perspective. I’d very much like to be friends with you. I do prefer to keep some distance between my blogging and my personal life, so I’ll send you my name in an email to the address connected to your comment. I hope that’s okay. πŸ™‚


          • Wow, I’m always late to the party..but I hope I’m still welcomed!

            I don’t know Lisa or Frigginloon or ED, but I think they all seem like the right kind of peeps, the very best kind of friends.

            Here’s the thing: I think people get confused by the number of friends they have when in reality most of us really can only count on one, maybe two if we’re lucky. I think FB and blogging and social media has done a world of good for a lot of people who need to be heard, touched or seen in one way shape or form — but the race to have X amount of friends following you on Twitter or Facebook is most times a facade. True friendship shows itself in the simpliest of times and it’s in the hardest moments when we show our true colors — of who we really are.

            Being alone may be terrible, but having a whole bunch of suppossed friends is even worse — I’m glad to have the few friends I have…and bloggy friends too who lift me up by writing/sharing..helping me understand and believe in something more! I’m grateful to know you IzaakMak for sure — and to have the pleasure of reading all the comments and learning, living, and appreciating on a pretty regular basis. Keeps me lifted UP. Always makes me think and keeps me hopeful.

            Isn’t that some of what friends are supposed to do anyways? I think so!


            • You’re always be right on time around here Carmen and, as usual, so are your most welcome insights. As you can see, I’m the tardy one this time – again. 😳 My mood took a decided turn for the worse right after Thanksgiving and I didn’t pull out of it enough to resume my “normal” activities until yesterday.

              My life has always been a struggle to find a healthy balance between having more “friends” than I knew how to deal with and feeling like I have none at all. I joined Facebook because it seemed a perfect way to expand my social circle and to reconnect with family and friends, but while my “friends” list has grown dramatically over time I’ve found that most of my “friend requests” were driven more by the app driven social competition of the platform than by any real desire for human contact. While that isn’t really all that much different than the reality of the off-line world, that similarity has caused FB to be just as tedious as managing off-line relationships is and I now mostly log in just to play the Fish Wrangler game.

              The friendships I have developed surrounding this blog remain the most rewarding between the two by far! πŸ˜€


      • I so totally agree with what you said above, IzaakMak. I, too, keep a distance, or at least try to, between my blogging life and real life. It makes me feel like Batman — except I can really use a butler right about now. I know I’m a girl calling herself Batman, but I’m not yet brave enough to equate myself with Catwoman. (She’s one bad mamajama, to quote somewhat that song from the 1980s.)


        • At one time, I had WordPress set to automatically post everything I publish to FB. I changed that when it started affecting my ability to write openly and honestly about my thoughts and feelings. Here on WP, the IzaakMak pseudonym gives me a sense of anonymity that I don’t have on FB, and there are lots of thoughts and feelings that I’m not comfortable sharing with my family and all their “friends.” I hate how that makes me feel like a hypocrite, but I’m used to that. At least now I have a platform where I can be a LOT more honest.

          I so totally agree with your superhero analogy (a the need for a butler!), although I can’t think of a single one I would dare compare myself to. Writing on his blog has been so liberating, and so empowering, that it does at times feel like I’m secretly fighting against the “forces of evil” while the world continues to see be as nothing more that “that weird guy” locked away in his apartment! And speaking of Batman, you might enjoy reading The Thought Experiment blog. She (he?) frequently uses superhero analogies, along with a lot of great literary flashbacks, in her writing – with a particular emphasis on Batman. πŸ˜€


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  3. As the choir in the movie FAME sang-shouted: “You’ll never be alooooone!”

    I search in vain for the humor in my loneliness, but I always find joy in my solitude. I hope this inspires you, IM.


    • For me, it’s only in those moments when I see the humor in my “predicament” that I get motivated enough to write. Thank you so much for reminding me of Fame. I loved that show, it’s inspiration has burned the words “I want to live forever” and “baby remember my name” onto my psyche forever. And since things placed on the Internet are supposedly there forever, I guess this blog has given me a kind of immortality – even if the name I’m “remembered” by is a pseudonym! πŸ˜€


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  5. First holiday alone and it has been hard, but I try to still keep my eyes open to things that make me smile and laugh. Thanks for sharing the video.


    • I was practically in tears from feeling sorry for myself when I started watching that movie. If this clip gave you anything like the relief watching the movie gave me, then it’s ME who is thankful for having been able to provided it. πŸ˜€

      This is my 8th year in a row spending the holidays almost completely alone. Though, to tell the truth, I actually felt alone for many years before that. I hope that your personality allows you to regain that much needed sense of togetherness. Trust me, it does NOT get better with time! 😐


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