6 Bags Of Salt Water…

Well you told me that I was just not the one,
And you left me standing out in the cold
It’s been a long time and I’m so much better now
That I’m looking back and seeing it all

This report, from last night’s All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, just plain pisses me off:

“Consistent with industry standards?” What the hell does that mean?!?! Sounds like “industrial grade” bullshit to me! Like some weird cross between a whining “We’ll be kicked out of the gang if we charged more reasonable prices!” and a strident “How dare you challenge the great American tradition of ripping off the consumer!”

In truth, “industry standard pricing” is based on one of the fundamental principles of Capitalism: What the market will bear, with which I actually have no problem. What I do have a problem with is a citizenry that seems to have forgotten another fundamental principle of Capitalism: We are the market, and we determine what the market will bear.

The problem is that “we” does no better job of describing the incredibly diverse group of individuals this country is comprised of than that “Merican Peepul” crap the talking heads toss around all the time. But we’ve still managed, somehow, to allow “group-think” concepts like that to rob us of the very “individuality” this country was built to protect. And by telling ourselves that playing “follow the leader” will “free us” for an all-out pursuit of that “American Dream” thing we heard about, we’ve also managed to blind ourselves to the “pitfalls” that such a strategy can lead to…

And when someone dares to question this mindset we’ve become so comfortable with, we react just like the drunken and distracted fools we’ve allowed ourselves to become…

“Go away kid, you bother me!” – W.C. Fields

And that won’t change until we stop believing that the truthfulness of a claim can vary according to our opinion of the person who makes it…



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Yeah, I was laughing ’cause there was no room to cry
There was too much growing to do
We had a good time and it ain’t over yet ’cause I know

You got me goin’, will ya pardon me my feelings are showing
I’m only sayin’ what’s on my mind

I want ice water.

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