Teachable Moments?

“A developmental task is a task which is learned at a specific point and which makes achievement of succeeding tasks possible. When the timing is right, the ability to learn a particular task will be possible. This is referred to as a ‘teachable moment.’ It is important to keep in mind that unless the time is right, learning will not occur. Hence, it is important to repeat important points whenever possible so that when a student’s teachable moment occurs, s/he can benefit from the knowledge.”

~ Wikipedia

Well, the “End Of The World” associated with Friday’s purported conclusion of the Mayan calendar has come, and gone, and we’re all still here. Yay! I know a lot of us had big fun with that and will no doubt have big fun mocking the next “End Of The World” to come!

The irony, at least for me, is that for all my mocking of those who believe in things like prophecies and such, I am just as fascinated as they are with all those big, dramatic “End Of The World” scenarios in all their varied incarnations (though I tend to prefer the Sci-Fi variety). Further, I suspect that this common fascination is also motivated by a similar desire for Mankind to come face-to-face with some kind of ultimate, “teachable moment” that will somehow force us to change our “evil” ways.

But unlike the “true believers” out there, I have very little “faith” that Mankind would actually change after such an event. While others look to the past for hints about calamities to come, what I’ve learned from history is that the changes, if any, that humans make after tragic events are usually very short lived. Sooner or later, we return to the “concrete-bound range of the immediate moment” thinking that got us into trouble in the first place.

So, while I am powerfully moved by “teachable moments” like those depicted in great movie clips like these…

I know that no kind of close call, however frightening and dramatic, can force people to do the one thing we’ve refused to do for as long as we’ve walked this Earth:

Carefully consider the long-term consequences
before acting on our short-term whims…

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

~ Mark Twain

“We live trapped, between the churned-up and examined past and a future that waits for our work.”

~ Anna Freud

“Nothing changes if nothing changes, and if I keep doing what I’ve always done, I’ll keep getting what I’ve always got, and will keep feeling what I always felt.”

~ Wisdom from The Rooms

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Teachable Moments?

  1. Well I remain an optimist. “I want to believe.” (X-files – poster in Mulder’s office..I tend to lean towards the sci-fi myself). I hope we can change. No matter how small. One flicker of movement from me, might make a difference towards you. Maybe not. But, I cling to hope.


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