The Cost Of Fame…

I had a very interesting conversation with my son yesterday, about the prejudices of one generation against the music of the generation that follows it. I was explaining how weird it felt to find myself feeling the same way towards the “Hip-Hop / Rap” music my kids were listening to as my parents had felt towards the “Acid Rock” I was so enamored with when I was their age.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that he’s as aware as I am of how the music industry distorts the real talents and intentions of artists for the sake of additional revenues that can be gained from casting theirs stars as “bad boys” whose influence on our youth might be questionable. He even brought to my attention the following song by supposed “bad boy” Eminem, where the artist expresses his regrets about the tragic influence his industry-hyped “persona” had on one of his fans…

Things always appear so much “clearer” when viewed through the lens of hindsight, and I readily admit, now, that I fell as much prey to the various pressures on my time (like making a living to pay the bills) as my parents had. But in a world so dominated by the false reality of the “Reality TV” age, I do hope that today’s parents are taking the time to impress upon their children just how little actual truth there is in the images presented to them by those seeking to profit from their fascination.

I do take some solace from the fact that my son, who has a young daughter of his own, at least has the awareness to know the kind of “reality” his little girl is faced with…

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “The Cost Of Fame…

  1. Excellent advice. Kids today face perils I never dreamed of when my son was young. It seems to me that growing up is getting harder and more perilous with each generation. It’s probably just that the perils have changed, but still, parents need to be aware that their kids face a different world. And that as much as possible, given the typical kid’s reaction to parental advice, they need to prepare their kids to face and survive in that world.


  2. That’s an excellent commentary. It’s ironic that it’s called “reality TV” when it’s anything but real. Somewhat like “professional wrestling”, which is neither professional nor wrestling.


    • They are lucky. Of course, with my African American background, my parents probably would’ve liked my kids choice of music over the Rock music I preferred. The bands you listed are among my favorites too, and neither my parents nor my kids could ever quite wrap their heads around that! 😀


  3. Maybe I’m a middle-aged old fogie, but it really does seem we’re bombarded with false reality more frequently now than a generation ago (probably inevitable with the ‘net and all-day-everyday-gotta-fill-it-up-with-something tv). For girls and young women, modern beauty standards are just becoming unobtainable; it’s no longer just a matter of constant dieting and all the latest makeup — which was bad enough — but now we’re told we’ve got to keep cutting ourselves up to even be acceptable. We’re even starting to mess with boys’ minds in this way.

    Pop music has been packaged to influence its audience ever since Brian Epstein put the Beatles in suits, but at least their creative freedom wasn’t stymied, as it must have been in Eminem’s case. I was huge punk in my day, but even the Sex Pistols were just a variation on the whole Monkees made-to-order rock band idea. At least none of these guys advised us to go slap b*tches and kill cops in order to sell records and gangsta-label clothing.

    You really struck a chord with this post, IzaakMak!


    • Thank you so much Luddy! It was the conversation with my son that inspired me. It really was a bit of an eye opener for me, that belied my own misconceptions of him based on his circle of friends and his demeanor. Here I was thinking that he’d been all but ruined by the the nonsense, and it turns out that he’s a much deeper thinker than I’d given him credit for. Hell, he even know things about the lives and music of many of my Rock idols that even I didn’t know! 😀


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