Sunday Thoughts…

I’m not feeling quite up to doing my usual “big deal” type post today, so instead I’ll just talk a little about one of those “cosmic synchronicity” things, revolving around the number 50, that occurred to me just recently.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, particularly those in African-American communities, the term “Five-O” is a common street slang reference to the police. A smaller, yet still pretty large, group of you will be aware of the fact that the term “Five-O” originated with a TV series called Hawaii Five-O that aired from 1968 until 1980. But I’d be willing to bet that there aren’t that many of you who know that that TV show was named in honor of Hawaii becoming our 50th state – something I only became aware of recently, while watching an episode the new Hawaii Five-0 show on CBS!

Coincidentally, the original “Hawaii Five-O” began airing while I was living Los Angeles in 1968 – the year in which both Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were assassinated, and five years after the historic 1963 March on Washington that included MLK’s magnificent “I Have a Dream” speech – both of which are being celebrated all this weekend in advance of the actual date coming up on Wednesday.

I really wanted to do something myself for the occasion but, as I said, I’m really not feeling up to it. Besides, I’ve posted so much about that and stuff related to that already. So, I’ve decided to just provide this image link to the most popular post I’ve ever written instead:

Bele and Lokai

I know these aren’t exactly mind-blowing coincidences, but when you consider that, rightly or wrongly, slang terms are mainly used to refer to police by those who see them as the enforcement arm of their oppressors, and that the African-American community in particular has good historical reason to at least suspect that there might be a racial motivation behind a given police action… 😕

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts…

  1. I knew, of course, about the old Hawaii Five-O show, but I don’t recall ever hearing that the Five-0 referred to the 50th state. So obvious once you’re told …

    Your references here reminded me that I once bought a house in a new subdivision called Copper Creek. And wouldn’t you know, it seemed like 30% of all the homes there were bought by cops. It was a running joke in my family, but I sure felt safe living there! The prevalence of cops had something to do with OKC cops being required to live within the city limits and the subdivision being the farthest north point in the city, geographically more a part of the adjoining city.


    • Yeah, I had to give myself a little head-slap when I saw were Five-O came from too PT. Did you notice that They decide to go with an “O” for the new show instead of the “0” used for the old one?

      Your “Copper Creek” reference is pretty cool. I think I saw, in one of the History Channel or Science Channel programs, where the term slang term “Copper” actually derived from the fact that police badges at the time were made from that metal. It seems the world around us is chock full of “synchronicities” that only seem odd until you discover their origins! 😀


    • Gotta bring that Wo Fat guy to justice! 😆

      I remember looking forward to watching that show every week Loon, but I swear it doesn’t seem like it was on the air for so long! 😀


  2. If it weren’t for Hawaii 5-0 we probably never would have had Magnum P.I. But I could be wrong. I do think it’s a great venue for a cop show. Now, for Maui, it should be an ambulance show. Seems like there’s a wreck almost every day, or a drowning, or something.


    • Nothing like living on a huge landmass to give one that added feeling of security. Living on comparatively small islands in the middle of the pacific has to leave anyone with a gnawing suspicion that some great “beast” will rise out of that ocean (as it has so many times) to destroy everything you know and love…

      Yeah, I think it’s a great venue for a cop show too! 😀


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