Spinning Our Wheels On Spaceship Earth

“A spot on the equator rotates around the Earth’s axis at over 1037 miles per hour (1669 kph). Where I am, at roughly 40° north of the equator, it’s just under 795 mph (1279 kph). The Earth moves, on average, at over 67 thousand mph (108 thousand kph) in its orbit around the sun. The sun (and the solar system) is revolving about the center of the Milky Way galaxy at over 500,000 mph (804,672 kph). The Milky Way is traveling at over 1.3 million mph (2.09 million kph) relative to the locations of other galaxies. The net result is that the Earth travels about 32,211,882 miles (51,839,999 kilometers) per day, or roughly 11.7 billion miles (18.9 billion kilometers) per year.”

From my SG-U: A New Metaphor For The Human Condition?

I was reminded of that bit recently, the great show that inspired me to put it together, and this awesome clip from that show using Fink’s Sort Of Revolution as a backdrop:

And these truly inspirational Joe Rogan videos are what did the reminding:

We really need to wake up people…

I want ice water.

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17 thoughts on “Spinning Our Wheels On Spaceship Earth

  1. Your post reminded me of a headline in my morning paper, Mak. “WTC Shrine Grand, Costly”. The World Trade Center, still under construction, behind schedule, over cost and mired in financial turmoil is projected to cost $700 million and will take $60 million a year to operate. The fountains alone will cost $4.5 to $5 million to operate. And because it is recognized as a potential terrorist target it has airport-type security and armed guards. What’s going on here?

    As your clips remind us, human beings are still in an early stage of cultural development. Only two centuries ago the process of obtaining food, clothing and shelter was a full time job. It was an agrarian society and the pinnacle of ambition was just a little leisure time, but it turns out that mere leisure is not that satisfying. People crave challenge, they crave excitement, they want novelty. Hence we have theme parks, pro sports, college football, world-cup soccer riots, the Oklahoma bombing memorial (where they charge admission), the WTC Memorial, and not least, wars. We will never be satisfied with merely making widgets and sitting on our front porches in the evenings. Watch out for Homo Sapiens – idle hands are the devil’s tools. 🙄


  2. Love the beginning stats … and the last video was fantastic.

    Just making my rounds trying to return to a blogging routine. BTW – make sure you stop by on Saturday … and I welcome everyone here to stop by and comment on the celebration. 🙂


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