Tornadoes Are Cool…

If you’ve read my Tornado Dreams post, then you’ll know of my long standing fascination with weather, especially with severe storms and the damaging tornadoes they can spawn. Well, seeing how we’ve moved into the part of the year where these storms are most likely to occur, I thought you guys might like to see this fascinating video outlining our current understanding of tornadoes and the tools used to study them:

Via SpaceRip: BEST Space Videos on the Web on YouTube

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “Tornadoes Are Cool…

  1. Having experienced tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, I’d say tornadoes are by far the scariest, but they’re still amazingly beautiful and interesting.


    • Haven’t met a hurricane yet, but I’d take tornadoes over earthquakes any day. Something really unnerving about “solid ground” moving beneath my feet. And with no warning. Lots of warning with tornadoes.


      • I’ve never been in a really ‘bad’ earthquake, I can only image how unnerving that can be. And yep, the lack of warning has to add to that feeling.

        Being originally from New Orleans I’ve experienced quite a few hurricanes, including Katrina. Though Katrina, while she was coming ashore, was kinda like being in a 10 hour tornado, it was, of course, its aftermath which was so devastating.

        As for tornadoes, again I’ve experienced a number of them. There is some warning, and I don’t mind them so much if I’m in a vehicle, I can see them and know I can easily out-run them. But waking up at 3am, with weather-alert sirens going off, and knowing it’s out there and all you can really do is hope it doesn’t come your way is such a helpless feeling. I think in these cases that short window of warning only adds to the scariness, there’s no real time to get out of the way, all you can do is duck….


        • Wow Alex, I was already impressed with the knowledge you displayed, but it appears you’ve got plenty of great experience to go along with it. Cool! 😀

          I guess I’ve been kinda lucky when it comes to mother nature’s wrath. What I described in my Tornado Dreams post is about the most dangerous situation I’ve faced in that regard. While I’ve had to evacuate a job site or two ahead of a hurricane, and been where earthquakes supposedly have happened (even though I didn’t feel anything), the worst threats I’ve faced by far all can from other humans! 😯


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