Tough Choice…

This life, it ain’t easy man. I mean, should I attempt to clear out a space for myself in the crowd?

Or would I be better off striking out on my own?

At any rate, this song, “Up From The Ground” by Fort Atlantic

Was playing at the end of Monday night’s “Population 25” episode of Longmire. Both left me with many thoughts…

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “Tough Choice…

  1. I’m not sure exactly which to choose. But I do know that engaging in life regardless is key. And the great thing about choosing to engage is that if it isnt comfortable in one way, you can always choose to engage in another. There really are no rules. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I love the way you have of just cutting through the fog Carmen. I did this post as a way of mocking how, in my efforts to be free, I actually ended up imprisoned by own my fear of the threat other people’s freedoms represented. My shrinks said it was a kind of Logical Paradox. O_o


      • Is it imprisoned? I worry about the words we use. Words are so powerful. Is it possible that you are cautious, careful, considerate, maybe hesitant of other people’s thingamajig? Fear is an awesome word that i believe we give too much power too. Fear is an unknowing of course but the cool thing about fear is once you KNOW fear subside to nothingness.

        Yeah, I’m clearly a little full of myself sometimes for sure. But I only come from a place of experience, genuine concern, and a whole lot of love for people I admire and respect.

        From my point of view maybe your perspevtive of life and the way you approach it is exactly the way it needs to. Thats your contribution to thus awesome fabric of life. Clearly I’m no shrink, but sometimes I wonder if we do more damage to ourselves by constantly judging how we feel, who we are.

        Logical paradox? I’ll check that out once i get home and have a few moments. I may learn more of what you’re trying to teach me. (I love learning from you Mak!).



        • Perhaps you might understand the inspiration for this post better if you looked at the comments from yesterday’s Twisted Watersโ€ฆ post Carmen. I know all too well what a generous and warm-hearted soul you are my friend, and I would never presume to have anything to teach you! ๐Ÿ˜€


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