Assessing Threats…

Sun come up…sun go down.
Hear the beat, see the sweat on the ground.
Watch your step, keep your cool,
Though you can’t see what’s in front of you…

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – “Runner”

Yesterday’s news was, as always, chock full of things the media thinks we should be worried about. From what we should do about those ISIS (ISIL?) crazies in the Middle East, to the big domestic abuse blowup surrounding now former NFL Star Ray Rice, to the ongoing Racial Divide / Abuse Of Authority questions arising from the whole Ferguson, MO mess, along with a full bevvy of other disturbing things. Good grief man – I swear that if you watch enough of the news, you’ll start to believe there’s a full blown apocalypse going on outside your windows!

Of course, a simple look outside will reveal that the world isn’t coming to an end – at least not right now. You won’t see fire raining down from the sky, and you won’t see marauding gangs of pillagers and looters either. Nevertheless, you are left with that gnawing feeling that something really bad is indeed on it’s way.

Which, of course, is exactly why I found this little ‘perspective adjustment’ from last night’s All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC so damned refreshing…

All In with Chris Hayes - Threat Assessment

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The fact is that there are things to worry about in this world. But, as the character Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) on HBO’s The Newsroom said, “First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” When it comes to prioritizing the threats we face, the problem we need to recognize, perhaps, is that depending on nothing more than a scandal-driven and soundbite-formatted news media for the facts will only leave us running around in circles, snarling at our own tails…

And it’s underneath the moonlight, passing some;
Still your heart beats in the moonlight like a drum.

And you will run your time, a shooting star across the sky.
And you will surely cross the line, to pass on the flame, pass on the flame…

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – “Runner”

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “Assessing Threats…

  1. My thoughts exactally……Of course it is scarry….but to dwell on it…does not help. Some of the stations put so much fear in people ….. and as for the Rice story……..

    Dave was saying the other night…….instead of the news media continually running the “rice thing” over and over…why not run stories about the NFL players who do so much good…their are so many heart warming stories out there…which show that 95% of the players are good people…..why dwell on the bad……they only thing that gets me about the Rice case is that it did not get treated like any other domestic violance case…if this would have been any other black, white ,asian,latino, etc. …he would have ended up in jail with a felony on his record… has happened to millions of people…..who may be good people, but made a bad choice…..we all know them or have them in our families….they did ot get a break….and hopefully have learned a lesson by doing jail time, and now have a felony on their record making it harder to get a job.


    • I agree with both you and Dave Rosie. The media doesn’t do nearly enough to highlight the good things going on in our world, and I completely disagree with the idea of holding people to different “standards of behavior” based on their celebrity. For one thing, holding celebrities to a “higher standard” simply feeds into the media’s obsession with scandal. For another, who the hell wants their child to think of some muscle-bound as a role model?!?! 😮


    • Oh I do wish I had thought of that one!!!

      Tied to the tracks
      And the trains just coming
      Strapped to the wing
      With the engine running
      You say that this wasn’t in your plan
      Don’t mess around with the demolition man

      I’m a walking nightmare
      An arsenal of doom
      I kill conversations as I walk into the room
      I’m a three line whip
      I’m the sort of thing they ban
      I’m a walking disaster boy


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