I just had to find this song to post after hearing it in the background at the end of last night’s very disturbing episode of The Following. Fortunately, the great TuneFind site was able to provide the info I needed for the YouTube search. Unfortunately however, nothing could prepare me for the number of videos I’d have to choose from!

I finally whittled it down to the two videos below, between which I simply could not decide. The first one has the best audio quality, as well as imagery that is a fitting match to the “feel” of The Following. The second video, while of poorer sound quality, is filled with spectacular imagery that even “normal” people will find irresistible…

Of course, “normal” is a relative term! 😉

Visit the Official Bassnectar Channel on YouTube

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “Butterfly!

  1. I definately found the first video the one I liked best………. a little disturbing…but intriguing……made me want to watch till the end to see if things reversed…. very vivid imagery..thought provocing..great photography. Sort of brought back the “butterfly effect ” notion……..
    butterfly effect
    a cumulatively large effect that a very small natural force may produce over a period of time.
    1980–85; so called from the notion that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings may set off currents that will grow into a large storm


  2. I gave up on The Following after about two episodes. Just not my cup of tea. The music sounds like something that would be used on that show.

    The wingsuits? Those guys are nuts. Coincidentally, in the video game I currently play, Far Cry 3, I’ve just acquired a wingsuit. Very realistic, in that every time I try to use it, I go “splat”!


    • I’m afraid I’m hooked on The Following PT, though I admit the idea of a maniac like that having the power to cause such havoc from behind bars disturbs me to no end. And, as much as I love the idea of “flying” in one of those wingsuits, the potential for that “sudden stop at the end” will probably keep it off my “bucket” list. Doing my “flying” in a game does sound nice though! 😀


        • Wow, the graphics must be awesome in that game! I found a 15 minute “highlights” video for it. Hopefully it’ll have the wingsuit thing in it, if I can ever find the time to watch it. 😀


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