Ridin’ The Storm Out

As the full story of Hurricane-turned-Superstorm Sandy continues to unravel, with so many people still waiting to see just how badly their lives have been changed by its wrath, I just wanted to share a little of what I’ve been collecting as the story developed. From the October 26, 2012 Frankenstorm: What we know about Hurricane Sandy in The Week Magazine, to this morning’s Hurricane Sandy’s Path of Destruction photo spread by Discovery News, Sandy has grabbed the attention of both the U.S. and the world like few storms before it have.

This image is from yesterday’s Video: Hurricane Sandy Seen by Space Station Astronauts article at Universe Today:

Satellite View of Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29 at 9:10 EDT by NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite.

I grabbed these from Google Images that show Sandy’s past and future track:

And this is a screen capture I just took of the Interactive Radar View from my browser’s AccuWeather.com add-on:

I live in Columbus, Ohio these days, but I was born in Charleston, W.Va. Imagine my surprise this morning, when I opened the door to check the mail and ended up having my face sprayed with ice crystals! 😯

I know the imagery within the video isn’t an exact match to what people have experienced, but I’m sure everyone can still relate to the sentiments behind this song today:

My thoughts are with all those who will be struggling to recover from Sandy’s destruction in the days and weeks ahead. I know yours are too…

I want ice water.

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10 thoughts on “Ridin’ The Storm Out

  1. Perfect video Mak!
    Stay safe!
    Living in NYC back in the late 80’s we had a hurricane warning and the entire city battened down the hatches -store windows boarded up in my Brooklyn neighborhood, smaller Manhattan businesses looking the same.
    The day the mega-storm was to hit I took the subway into the city, despite the winds and light rain. Worked for a large financial conglomerate and they were fuckers regarding attendance.
    Well……. none of the bosses or management showed up, office was closed, and those of us who’d made the (pointless) ride to Rock Center stood around wondering when the wrath of the storm gods would hit.
    After about 15 minutes we all retired to the Irish var downstairs in the building. Then went home. Then laughed the next day as nothing really happened. Nor has it since.

    Hard to believe this IS the big one for the Atlantic coast, Jersey and as far inland as Ohio.. Be warm, stay away from local denizens stocking up for Armageddon at the market and keep us up to date.
    p.s. went to college in Bethany WV…. small world eh?


    • Wow Rachael, I guess it is a small world! 😀

      Every time something like this lands on the radar, I get PO’d by the media piling on to hype the news for the sake of keeping people glued to their TVs (and watching their ads. Argh!) But, as it was in this case, those who took heed to the warnings were well advised, and I can only hope those who ignored them because they don’t usually pan out are okay. Of course the media now has all the excuse they need to milk this mess for all it’s worth! 😕


  2. I had the oddest moment the other day — thinking of how we watch gigantic storms on the surface of other planets and imagining some little gray men out there somewhere watching Sandy here on Earth. Weird.

    Been thinking about you in Ohio and wondering if you’re being hit hard enough to interfere with voting. After all, the pundits keep telling us the vote in Ohio is all that counts.


    • Where I’m at in Ohio has received no more than a glancing blow from Sandy PT. Surprising, uncomfortable, perhaps even disturbing, but still just a glancing blow compared to those farther to the east. Anyone here that uses it as an excuse to stay home on Tuesday ought to be ashamed.

      I do love the “alien’s perspective” thought trip! 😀


  3. Do you know, the Phlippines,where I came from, they get this a lot , even worse than this ? They also experienced one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the century, ( Mt. Pinatubo ) and an 8.2 earthquake ( I was a baby when that happened. )


  4. Earthquake, 1990
    Volcano eruption 1991 Google Mt. Pinatubo eruption… we lived in Manila about 100 miles fro thevolcano, but 12 noon suddenly looked like 12 midnight. My parents said it was like the end of the wotld.
    150 mile per hour typhoon , about 6 x a year, no sweat
    But that’s not why we left…. according to my parents, it was to give better lives for the children… i was only 6 or 7
    People of the Philippines are extremely resilient…. houses are made of brick and cement, even the room divisions. They are very sturdy and strong…. natural calamities are a way of life


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