With Friends Like These…

Another one from my friend Rosie’s hilarious forwarded emails:

If you were around in 1919 and came
upon the following poster:

1919 Photo

I mean,
Wouldn’t you just keep drinking?

I’m thinking the cure came off as being worse than the disease! 😆

I want ice water.

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17 thoughts on “With Friends Like These…

    • Depends on one’s perspective, I suspect. I’m sure alcohol wasn’t the only thing those “ladies” were against, and I’ll bet the “harlots” they hated even more – you know, the one’s who actually had stuff to strut – were all strutting it down at the speakeasy! 😀


  1. It is a funny picture! In a more serious vein, those were the days when women had no rights and were supposed to do what their husbands, fathers and other male power figures told them to do.
    Many women were forced to have kids until they timed out or died. There was a whole different
    mind set and men drinking was a BIG problem. Men could do what they wanted and women had very little legal recourse. Wife beating was considered justified discipline in many cases. Women got so pissed off that despite the consequences of speaking out; THEY DID and they got alcohol banned.They had some help from men who felt as they did, but women pretty much did it themselves.

    Prohibition had its problems to say the least. There were huge problems and eventually it went the way of the Dodo. HOWEVER! It wasn’t a total failure by any measure. There were many fewer deaths on the highways and much less violence from men. Many families finally got dad back and he didn’t beat up mom if the dinner was late. I don’t know this for fact, but I would think that the birthrate would have dropped. I know that I was more likely to think of adverse consequence when I wasn’t drunk (I kept myself in a steady state of “buzz”).

    I am not against drinking and wish for a cold beer myself, that I can never have. The times have changed. Now you go to jail for driving drunk. It may seem harsh, but alcohol is involved in a really large percentage of traffic deaths. Not to mention maiming for life. You can’t beat your wife anymore because the pot roast is dry. It just not part of what we do anymore and it is also something the cops will pay attention to.

    Things are different since prohibition came and went; so hoist a cold one and I will make do with cream soda.

    Phillip. Eggsuckingpup


    • Good points, one and all Phillip. I grew up surrounded by alcoholics and I’ve never been able to develop a taste for alcohol because of it – though I have abused more “other” substances than I care to admit. The problem with prohibition was that those behind it mistakenly thought that violating one set of rights was an appropriate way to stand up for another set. As Ayn Rand said, “There can be no such thing as the ‘right’ to violate the rights of others.” Unfortunately, that’s a lesson our society has yet to learn… 😕


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