Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

Okay, I haven’t poked fun at The Catholic Church since I included this photo in my Safety Alert Update post:

Well my friends, that time has come around once again. And, with the help of our good buddy Louis CK, we finally learn the shocking truth!

1. I am not responsible for others puritanical sensibilities.
2. No one has the right not to be offended.

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I want ice water.

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34 thoughts on “Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

  1. Very Funny IzaakMak… They really should take a good look at themselves, and stop hiding behind the ‘Church’s Skirts’. But do you know IzaakMak I have a sneaking suspicion that more than a few other things will be revealed about our so called religion higher-achy before the end of 2012, and The Truth will shock even the loyal supporters of all creeds and faith…


  2. “If it was wrong, don’t you think God would put a stop to it?” Best reason I’ve heard today to assume there is no God, since wrongdoing is rampant in the world. As for the Catholic Church … don’t get me started.


  3. This is very funny and quite amusing LOL i fear the best is yet to come and it won’t be good stuff.
    FYI: I was facinated by the Catholic Church for many years of my life even wanted to be a Nun 😯
    I was facinated by religion and spirituality.
    Good post. πŸ˜€


    • Hi Poch. I saw a piece of an episode of Louie tonight (which I didn’t even know he starred in), where he was arguing in favor of masturbation against a woman from Christians Against Masturbation (CAM) on the Fox News Channel show Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld. I’m assuming it was staged comedy for his show, but it was hilarious and I’m gonna search for a clip to post later! πŸ˜€


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