Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around!

First the awful Las Vegas massacre, and now the death of Tom Petty? Enough with the draggin’ my heart around bullshit!


On Taking A Knee…

Question: Since when does “patriotism” mean covering your eyes with the flag and using the national anthem to drown out dissent?

10 Things About Patriotism

With so much in the news about President Trump’s supposed “outrage” over the “unpatriotic” actions of athletes during the playing of our national anthem, I thought that this new video from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian might clarify things a little…

The Evidence Against Me

I was watching the second of Saturday night’s two episodes of Doubt (a series that I found has already been cancelled while putting this post together) when one of the characters did something that was so much like something I’d do – something I’ve done so many times – she said what she really thought at the worst possible time!