The Season Of Fantasy

A mixture of dark, cute, and cuddly today, in celebration of our annual season of fantasy.

Via Jedi Ninjas « Cool Berman

Via It’s Coming, My Precious… « Lights in the Dark

Finally, with this being the season of the red-suited storm trooper and all, I couldn’t resist including this old trailer that TCM ran the other night in advance of their Saturday night showing of my favorite version of Miracle on 34th Street:

I want ice water.

More Visual Treats

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13 thoughts on “The Season Of Fantasy

  1. Definetly dark, cute and cuddly my friend! I laughed with the Ninja’s …they make me laugh as we have running family jokes with us here at Ravenwood…granny ninja, baller ninja and poppy b-balls ninja…a family of sqirrel ninjas…LOL.
    I first read The Hobbit at 14 yrs old…and I am so looking forward to this movie version after the Lord of the Ring Trilogy…I wanted more. 😉
    Classic Miracle on 34th is the best indeed.
    I do hope you enjoyed a splendid Christmas with the one’s you love.
    And may the New Year be filled with Peace, Love and Happiness.

    Raven xox


    • I read The Hobbit back in the 70s I think, and just loved it, but somehow never got around to reading The Lord Of The Rings. The movies were very well done though, and the new one really looks promising.

      I hope you (and the ninjas) have an awesome the rest of the holidays Raven! 😀


  2. I was sorting thru mybooks last week and came across “The Hobbitt”…it has been a long time!!
    my kids loved it also…. looking forward to it in” movie form”…….. I enjoyed the trailer!!!
    Tks Mac……….do you read Steven King..I have all of the” dark tower “trilogy books.they are my hubbys.but he does not want them . You are more than welcome to have them. (all 7)
    Thanks again for a great blog…love the panda’s!!!!


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