Venting My Inner Sam

Now I have no desire to invite comparisons between myself and our little green friend on the right, but it IS that time of year again after all, and the seasonal blahs are hitting me even harder than usual. Having started just before Thanksgiving and with no let up expected until well after New Years Day, this is developing into one of my worst holiday seasons ever.

Maybe it’s the fact that all those sporting events, that usually provide some sort of solace at this time of year, all seem totally saturated with suck this time around. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s this constant drum-a-drum-drum for the upcoming elections added to to the usual mix of dopey holiday shows – generously sprinkled with end-of-the-year-desperation sales ads – while all the good shows are on hiatus. I’m not sure, but I am feeling some kind of spirit coming over me. And I think I know what it is.

I first felt it coming on while trying to put together a good post for my birthday back on December 10th. I knew from watching my stats that this image from my It’s My Birthday! post of two years ago was particularly popular:

So I decided to go a-hunting for similar images that might bring on those great smiles I love so much to inspire. The thing is that no matter how hard I tried to put together the kind of “cute and cuddly” post I started out to do, the more I felt a certain “spirit of wickedness” grow inside me.

So I sat and I stewed while the vile bile accrued.
But I felt like a dork ’cause my flow was all corked.
And when I caught myself chiming in stupid Seuss-like rhyming,
I knew it was high time that I vent my damned Sam!

(Okay, so a poet I’m not. F@&% You! 😈 )

I want ice water.

Now, Dammit! 😳

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32 thoughts on “Venting My Inner Sam

  1. I adore your Inner Sam…LOL He is one great actor and you have a marvelous sense of humor…
    I am going to get mine on the grill to fire it up. Hey it happens!!!
    Birthdays make me older when I am still a child…there is da bah humbug rolled up in a rug!


  2. Just be grateful you don’t have to listen to this, this or this. On a constant loop, every-fucking-where!

    Good old Samuel L Jackson. He hosted a show on the Discovery channel on Sunday called “How Will The World End?” Not exactly scientifically rigorous, but an excellent and timely schmaltz antidote!


    • OMG, the first two were pretty bad, but the third one was so awful that it’s not allowed to be viewed in my country! I saw only a few bits of the β€œHow Will The World End?” thing. I’d like to see it all if only for the scary narration! πŸ™„

      How’s this for great Christmas music?


        • You know, I rarely watch the animated comedies anymore because I actually find their reflections of people’s motivations too depressingly realistic. But then there’s a lot I end up watching this time of year because there’s simply nothing better on! Arg!!!!


  3. When will santa pay my fucking house taxes.
    By the way Jesus, my car needs repairs.
    I’m stealing WiFi or I wouldn’t be here commenting.
    Merry Holidays. Happy Christmas.
    On the brighter side, I am still smoking Kools, so I could be dead before next years seasonal depression….so I got that goin’ for me.


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