Friday Madness

You know folks, I’ve been attempting to gather my thoughts about the whole “Occupy” phenomenon for weeks now, so I could eventually get around to doing a post on it for the Major Rants volume of this blog. It has, after all, been a long time since I’ve done one, and I have been feeling a lot of anxiety over how everyone seems to be focusing far to much on the “trees” while ignoring the “big picture” that the forest represents.

To that end, I’ve gathered tons of “intellectual ammunition” in preparation for the battle, but, because of my own depression-induced “creeping malaise” – compounded by continued problems with this damned PC (it’s already frozen up 5 times just today) – I just haven’t been able to pull it all together.

So I’ve decided to just put it all down to this being the Season of the Witch, give in to the madness, and post some of the “comedic ammunition” I gathered up instead:

Via markfiore’s Channel – YouTube

And now my friends, I’m going to scurry off back to my corner, where I can hope that an early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease will take me back to where all I care about are childhood fantasies like this:

I want ice water.

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41 thoughts on “Friday Madness

  1. You know Mak….I’m going to be completely honest and say I have absolutely no clue what #Occupys demands are and that doesn’t mean that I agree or disagree with any of it. So what I am going to do is watch all your comedy clips and they possibly might help me understand because the media isn’t helping me at all.


  2. Great post, Mak. Says it all. I’m glad to see any levity at all on the whole event. And it’s definitely enough to spur on more creeping malaise. Hang in there, sir. I’ve done something similar you might enjoy – would be glad to know your thoughts if you’d like to share: Peace.


  3. Some good chuckles in here. But what blew me away was the Hot Wheels track! We ran that stuff all over the place when my son was little, but never had anything like that. I tried to find sets of just track and connectors so my grandson could do something similar, and came up empty. Do you think they really had that much track, or kept re-using it to shoot different segments in the video?


    • Wow Pied, I never really thought about it. But I guess many of the most amazing videos do turn out to be fraudulent. And it’s been a VERY long time since I looked to buy any Hot Wheels stuff. But hey, I just did a Google search and found lots of places that supply it if you’re still looking! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • Okay watching that again…remember when you built a huge track, you’d have to get it just right to get the darn car to stay on the track the whole time? That’s a big track for that car not to crash atleast 10 times.


        • Good point. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I’d like to think that they spent some time making sure they had the layout “just right” before doing the run they filmed… ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. You know, if my own damned computer would load, I might be able to enjoy your videos more consistently as I know from past experience just how entertaining they can be.

    By the way, thanks for stopping in to look at my own OWS posts. I figure if I just post one on days that I can’t write, I can keep myself from going ballistic every time someone calls the protestors whiners.


    • I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with this thing, but I do know that going watching lots of videos seems to make a freeze-up more likely. Also, I really want to thank you for expressing so much of what I wanted to say here in your comment on my Under Pressure post! ๐Ÿ˜€


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