Amazingly Realistic Halloween Pumpkins

As soon as I read Pied Type’s WordPress adds ‘mosaic’ option to image galleries post, I knew I wanted to try out WP’s great new feature. And I can think of no better way to give it a try than by reblogging a selection of the awesome images in Zazen Life’s 20 Most Amazingly Realistic Halloween Pumpkins post!

The gallery mosaic feature is very nice indeed. Thanks WordPress! 😀

I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “Amazingly Realistic Halloween Pumpkins

  1. These are really cool. I can’t believe it’s almost that time if year again. My kids are thinking about their costumes already. My son is a Minecraft nut, so he wants to make a pixelated costume. I think I can come up with something cool using paper mache and the printer.


    • Good point on the “short-lived” thing PT. I think I’d have gone with colored wax myself – assuming of course that I had anywhere near the talent required to carve them! 😆

      Did you notice that the tiles in your mosaic have rounded edges instead of the squared one here? A property of the theme perhaps? For the future, it would be nice if they centered the mosaic within the available space, or at least stop overriding the code I used to force it. A “live – drag n drop” way of rearranging the images would be nice too! 😀


  2. The top right one is too awesome–zipper and corduroy effect. Amazing. I’ll have to try this mosaic thing, but since I have yet to get the gigya thing to work, I’m not holding out any hopes.


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