The Murrine Art of Loren Stump

I know a thing must be cool if it’s featured on Visual News, Twisted Sifter, and Amusing Planet – 3 of my very favorite “artsy” blogs. And that is precisely the case with the amazing murrine artwork of Loren Stump!

The impressive artwork you see here employs an ancient 4000-year-old mideast glass technique called murrine. Using long rods of glass cane, intricate patterns can be built into a loaf like form, only revealing the hidden details when a slice is cut off. While you’ve probably seen the technique used in patterned glasswork at your local art gallery, you’ve never seen the astounding level of detail achieved in these reinterpreted paintings from Loren Stump.

Benjamin Starr of Visual News

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a mosaic from the images in those posts and a couple from Loren Stump’s website:

See the original posts at Slice Into These Incredible Glass Artworks on Visual News,
This is Murrine. It’s Made of Glass and Can Be Sliced Like a Loaf of Bread on Twisted Sifter,
and The Art of Murrine: Glass Portraits That Slices Like Loaves of Bread on Amusing Planet

And don’t forget to check out Loren Stump’s Stumpchuck Website

I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “The Murrine Art of Loren Stump

  1. Yeah, I saw that on “Colossal”, too; but I was impressed ONLY by the solid block work, not by the little individual thinggies. Mind, I was REALLY impressed by that amazing blockwork …


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