All By Himself…

Having spent far more time than I liked on the road feeling stuck and all alone, I might’ve found this video too much of a depressing a reminder of all the time I’ve wasted chasing other people’s dreams. But all thoughts like that vanished very quickly once I started watching! 🙂

Stuck at the airport overnight? Most people’s idea of a nightmare. But Richard Dunn decided he could make the best of it, and put together a video. An amazing video. You see, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport shuts down overnight. There are no flights, and no people in the airport in the middle of the night. So what’s a guy to do?

Tristan Rayner – Lost At E Minor

All by myself, by Richard Dunn on Vimeo

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Guy gets stuck in an airport overnight all by himself: what does he do? Make a Celine Dion video, of course!
on Lost At E Minor

Now that’s how you turn wasted time into time well spent. Way to go Mr. Dunn! 🙂

I want ice water.

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9 thoughts on “All By Himself…

    • I agree with you completely M-R. I sure wish I had today’s toys available back when I was spending so much time on the road. Then again, like a lot of people, I did manage to read a TON of books during all that waiting time. I’ll bet you don’t see nearly as much of that now! 🙂


    • Oh that is just so cool Luddy. Thanks! I especially loved this image:

      I haven’t been to Vegas since the late 80s, but the airport I flew out of was certainly busier! 🙂


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