‘Corn-Fed’ White Boys

Weird thoughts: Do ‘corn-fed’ cattle suffer from high blood glucose problems? Do dairy cows that are ‘corn-fed’ produce sweeter milk? Does that have anything to do with my having been warned off of milk as well, causing me to have to take Vitamin D supplements now? And finally, if milk produced by ‘corn-fed’ Iowa cows really is sweeter, than how does that effect the taste of Wisconsin cheese made from that milk? Yeah, I’m not supposed to eat cheese either, dammit!

Friday Foolishness – Anti-Gravity…

Okay, I’ll grant that there may be some merit to the theory. But I’m having a hard time seeing how it can be applied to produce things like this. Not to mention the terrible problems I foresee with maintenance. Perhaps it’s time to try a different approach. One that might come in handy after global warming leaves us all under water! O_o