Marvel’s Deliciously Menacing New Voice!

I don’t know if you caught it in this trailer from my Awesome Movie Trailers – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron! post, but that’s the voice of the incredibly talented James Spader (lately of The Blacklist) giving life to Ultron, the newest threat to all we know and love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Arrow and Hawkeye have nothing on this guy!

Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen, Legolas of Mirkwood, Abigail Whistler, and Hawkeye. Fans of archery “superheroes” everywhere will recognize those names. Well my friends, meet real-life archery superstar Lars Andersen, and watch how he blows all those comic book and Hollywood myths away!

More Marvel Madness!

Okay, my previous post included two clips from Monday night’s 3 hour presentation of Iron Man 2 on ABC. Well here’s a couple of things ABC and Marvel Entertainment used that presentation to promote:

Marvel Madness – “The Ex-Wife”

From the movie Iron Man 2: After fighting with a drunken Tony Stark, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes is ordered by the the U.S. military to allow his stolen Iron Man suit to be weaponized by Stark’s business rival, Justin Hammer. Later, after defeating the drones that were paid for by Hammer but controlled by mad genius Ivan Vanko, Stark and Rhodes confront Vanko himself – allowing Rhodes to finally test the effectiveness of Hammer’s Pride and Joy.