Trumping Ebeneezer!

Despite my depression, I am trying to make the best of Christmas. And, as I said this morning, the season hasn’t been without its “brighter” moments. Such as classic ads like this, those “Sugarplum Fairy” type visions, ample chances to mock those “legends of greed,” and, for never once speaking out against the madness inspired by his name, dreams of Michael Jordan getting knocked flat on his “filthy” rich ass! 😈

Sexy Sunday

Okay, I’ll admit that this one will appeal more to the guys than to the ladies. But hey, I’m a guy, and this is the season for fanciful wishes, right? But fear not ladies, I’ve included a little “something something” for you at the end… 😉

Arthur Braginsky – Fine Artist

Arthur Braginsky. Born on June 25, 1965 in Mukachevo, Ukraine. In 1982 graduated from Mukachevo art school. Later studied in Lviv I. Fedorov polygraphic Institute. Since 1987 to 1989 has been working as a lights artist in regional philharmonic (Uzhgorod), later – in Russian dramatic theater as a decorator (properties artist).

Baroque-Inspired Photography by Mariska Karto

Hailing from the Netherlands, this artist is bringing a resurgence of Baroque-style painting to her work. Instead of paint though, the artist uses her camera to create sensual and feminine images that echo the renaissance period. Her name is Mariska Karto and through her art she expresses the depths of her own mind and being. As an artist she brings all the elements of natural story telling into her photography and in the process creates a work that even the old masters could have admired.

Sunday Reflections – For My Soul

I know this may come as a surprise to many of you, but I get so caught up in trying not to offend anyone that I sometimes lose sight of the “self-therapy” notion that inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Well my friends, at the risk of scaring off the tiny handful of people that actually come here, I’ve decided to let it all (well, maybe just some of it) hang out for a change. But for those of you who disapprove…