A Bowling Ball Pendulum Wave…

This is just so cool! It’s Maria Ikenberry’s video of the ‘pendulum wave’ demonstration created by Appalachian State University teacher Jeff Goodman…


3D Visualizations of Scientific Theories

If you are like the majority of the human population living in a first world country and watch Breaking Bad, then you may have seen work by the talented digital artist MRK. His video, The Flow made an appearance on the hit show. Based in London, MRK creates incredible 3D generative visualizations of scientific theories. The diagrams shown here are of organelles and cellular processes, as well as many other mind-blowing works. I strongly suggest watching The Flow below as well as the video below it, which shows ten to the power of minus five as you travel through a capillary into a world of red and white blood cells, and into a lymphocyte to see its porous nucleus.

Monsters of the Cosmos

Another great one my friends!

Symphony of Science returns! Morgan Freeman and a choir of scientists sing to you about the science and freakiness of black holes.

Video sources:

NOVA – Mystery of the Milky Way
Through The Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes
Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Hole (BBC)
Swallowed by a Black Hole (BBC)

My Keep Cool Friday

Well today is the day I’m hoping that order, or at least my crazy version of it, will return to my little world. As you might expect, with accumulating late rent penalties and the potential for having my cable, internet and phone cut off again, I’m just a tad “wound up” this morning… 🙄 With…

The Universe – Total Eclipse

“There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark.” Pink Floyd – “Eclipse” I’m sure you all know about yesterday’s big Annular Solar Eclipse. Living in Ohio, I wasn’t able to see it live myself, but I did watch it streaming on both the SLOOH SpaceCamera and Scottys Sky…