Happy New Year 2015!

Having been awakened at 5am by you know what (even after the treatment on Tuesday!), I’ll admit that I’m not exactly in a “festive” mood. But I am up, with time on my hands, and nothing better to do. So I thought I’d throw a little something together to celebrate the start of the New Year. Besides, I’m still a sentimental fool at heart, who just can’t seem to stop believing in a better tomorrow.

New Years Eve Party Advice From John Oliver!

I’m lucky. By now, all my friends and family have a pretty good idea of what I’d think of a New Years Eve party invitation… But it occurs to me that some of you may not have your loved ones so well trained. Well your luck is about to change my friends, because John Oliver has just the advice you need! 😉

The Future’s So Bright…

You know, with all the talk about robots, and drones, and guys falling in love with their PCs 😯 these days, it’s good to know some folks are actually taking preparing their kids for the future seriously… 😉

Still, they’ve gotta get that kid some shades! 😆

Happy Freakin New Year! :mrgreen:

Who’s On First?

The title to this post is, of course, in reference to Abbott & Costello’s famous Who’s On First comedy sketch – something, oddly enough, I think of whenever I hear the term Third World. I mean, who is it, exactly, that’s arrogant enough to think they can decide who lives in what world?

Oh wait… I think I know… Well, we do love a little whine with our cheese, don’t we? 😳

More Help With Those Resolutions!

Here’s another humorous attempt at helping y’all “keep it real” with those New Year’s Resolutions…

Starting with a few thoughts from Adam Davis on BuzzFeed… And finishing with a few “insightful” bits tossed in for good measure…