The Bones 200th ‘Crimedy’ Spectacular!

While it may not have been my favorite episode ever (the show has, after all, set the bar pretty high), the Bones “The 200th in the 10th” episode (in celebration of the series 200 episode run) was a genuinely heart-tugging and funny visual spectacular! In homage to the series’ Hitchcock-like roots, the episode took the entire Jeffersonian team back to the 1950s to give their world the look and feel of an old Hollywood style crime/comedy romp, or, as executive producer Stephen Nathan calls it, a ‘Crimedy’…

Perception – Sticks and Stones…

Last night I watched the 2nd episode from the 3rd season of another show that really excites and engages me – TNT’s Perception. I wrote about it a year ago as well (in a post that also went almost completely unnoticed) and its longevity has surprised me even more that of Continuum. And yet here I am, writing about it again. Hell, maybe you do have to be crazy to get it, but there’s apparently crazy enough to go around!

Continuum – Dark Places…

The heart wants what the heart wants, right? And whether it’s for love, family, a better world, or merely to survive, we all feel the urge to fight for what we want despite the obstacles standing in our way – even when the odds against us seem impossibly high. Struggles such as that, IMHO, are perhaps the essential defining characteristic of our species – the one thing we all have in common regardless of where we come from as individuals. And when we, as individuals, look for something to inspire us – to make the odds we face seem less insurmountable somehow – there’s just nothing like a bigger-than-life tale of heroism, true or fictional, to do the trick.

The SyFy Channel series Continuum is one such tale.

A Summer To Drool Over!

Of all the teasers I’ve seen (of which there are simply too many to list!), those for Halle Berry’s upcoming series, Extant, are by far the most intriguing! Just check out this awesome trailer:

The Lady In White

If you missed last night’s “The Woman in White” episode of Bones, then you missed what I think was the best episode of any show – ever! With a cast line-up that included almost all of my favorite characters from the past, a cameo appearance by Emily Deschanel’s real-life husband, and an awesome rendition of “At Last” by Cyndi Lauper, “The Woman in White” was without a doubt the “Must See” event of the television season!

He IS The Kwisatz Haderach!

Last week’s premiere of The Tomorrow People on The CW reminded me of so many Sci-Fi classics, including… But when I saw this scene… The only thing I could think was… The next episode of The Tomorrow People is on The CW tonight at 9pm EDT. I urge you to check it out! 😀

Long Live The King! – Part 1

You know, as disturbing as Dean Norris’ little “Breaking Bad” incident was, I found myself actually hoping for a “repeat performance” in the Under The Dome Season 1 Finale, ut in the end, I guess having the Stephen King based drama return for a second season is an even better outcome. And speaking of The King of Horror, his work has been on my mind a lot lately even out side the dome, what with King inspired images popping up my own posts and then hearing that The Stanley Hotel (the “Overlook Hotel” featured in The Shining) had been damaged in the recent Colorado floods (in a comment made here, and then confirmed here).

But the good news is that, while the season may have ended for Under The Dome, Season 4 of Haven, based on King’s The Colorado Kid, has just begun over on the Syfy channel!

More Marvel Madness!

Okay, my previous post included two clips from Monday night’s 3 hour presentation of Iron Man 2 on ABC. Well here’s a couple of things ABC and Marvel Entertainment used that presentation to promote: