On Fulfilling The Promise

On Fulfilling The Promise…

For those who don’t quite see that the recent supreme court decision on gay marriage was not just a victory for the LGBT community but a victory for every American who wants to see the promise of our country’s founding declaration fulfilled, I invite you to see our Declaration of Independence read aloud by 12 great actors – and to pay particular attention to Morgan Freeman’s wonderful introduction…

Bruce Almighty - Oh God, Why Do You Hate Me-

Fevered Mutterings…

No my friends, I am not “OK” at all. Between the fever from the massive infection in my face, and the wooziness from the pain killers to dull my roaring toothache, I find myself on some not so steady ground this morning. I swear it’s as if The Big Guy got “a bit of the devil” in him and decided to just totally F**K with my world…

Monsters of the Cosmos

Monsters of the Cosmos

Another great one my friends!

Symphony of Science returns! Morgan Freeman and a choir of scientists sing to you about the science and freakiness of black holes.

Video sources:

NOVA – Mystery of the Milky Way
Through The Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes
Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Hole (BBC)
Swallowed by a Black Hole (BBC)

Wednesday Wonders

A few short videos (totaling roughly 8 minutes) for those who, like me, are in need of a little “hump day” inspiration… 😀 Via melodysheep: Remixes for the Soul on YouTube Via MinuteEarth on YouTube Via MinutePhysics on YouTube Via Book Review: Your Ticket to the Universe @ Universe TodayAlso see Win a Copy of…