What To Do, What To Do…

If you’re anything like me, then the events of the last week (hell, the whole damned year!) have left you spinning around with your mouth hanging open. And even if you aren’t quite as weird as I am, you still (like me) have to have come to the conclusion that the usual … just isn’t cutting it. Well get a grip and settle down my friends, because the great John Oliver has come to the rescue with a totally hilarious summary of what’s happened as well as some damned good suggestions as to what to do about it!

New Years Eve Party Advice From John Oliver!

I’m lucky. By now, all my friends and family have a pretty good idea of what I’d think of a New Years Eve party invitation… But it occurs to me that some of you may not have your loved ones so well trained. Well your luck is about to change my friends, because John Oliver has just the advice you need! 😉

A Hump Day Geekfest – John Oliver and Stephen Hawking

I’ve been a big fan of John Oliver since he was cast member on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. And what self respecting geek doesn’t like Stephen Hawking? Well, the two came together recently for this hilarious, yet very strange, interview on HBO’s new Last Week Tonight With John Oliver show. And I’m about as happy as a man can be that the show has its own YouTube channel!